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Flight Simulator

Clay Lacy Aviation purchased a state-of-the-art flight simulator/trainer. The system from Precision Controls can be configured for analog instrumentation common in a Lear, G-II, G-III or a full up flat glass panel with dual FMS (Flight Management Systems) common in more technologically advanced corporate aircraft such G-IVs, G-5s, Challengers, and Boeings.

As an airline pilot for over forty years, Clay Lacy retired from United Airlines, seniority number one, and with the first Lear jet west of the Mississippi, founded Clay Lacy Aviation almost forty years ago. Having their own in-house flight simulator will further enable its almost a hundred pilots to "attain and maintain a superior proficiency standardization level, exceeding other charter and management companies, and far exceeding the basic requirements."

Clay Lacy Aviation pilots also attend annual training at Flight Safety International or Simuflite, two of most respected aviation training centers in the world.

Clay Lacy Aviation manages a large fleet of executive jet charter aircraft.