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INT Media Group's Flash Kit Fall 2001, A New Trade Show for the Flash Developer Community, Comes to Los Angeles October 15-17. Flash Kit Fall 2001, a new trade show for the Flash developer community, will debut in Los Angeles in October. Flash Kit Fall 2001 will take place October 15-17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The featured keynote for Flash Kit Fall 2001 is Jeremy Allaire, Chief Technology Officer of Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR). Flash Kit Fall 2001 will provide hands-on knowledge and business insights from expert speakers and noted developers. Flash Kit Fall 2001 follows Flash Kit Australia 2001 held in Sydney in July. Produced by INT Media Group, Flash Kit Fall 2001 is sponsored by Ambient Automation Corporation and Adobe Systems, Inc., and hosted by, the leading Flash developer resource center for Macromedia Flash tutorials, animations, help and support.

Flash 5.0 - Software - Design and deliver distinctive, low-bandwidth Web Sites with Macromedia's Flash 5, the professional standard for producing high-impact Web experiences, used by over half a million Web authors worldwide. Top, high-traffic sites use Flash to produce engaging experiences that attract and excite Web users. A familiar and intuitive Macromedia user interface makes it easy for designers to create engaging graphics, while powerful scripting, input forms, and server-side connectivity allow developers to create advanced Web applications. Work as a team with reusable objects and file sharing; use Macromedia Generator for personalizing Flash content; integrate Web production through connectivity with Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and FreeHand.

Flash 5 Bible - A text and CD-ROM package offering a quick-start tutorial and detailed instructions for using Flash 5 Web software. Shows how to create and place graphics, master skills and techniques such as tweening and onion skinning, and much more. This is a real-world book: our lessons, examples, and explanations are based in real experience and application of Flash to many different projects. Furthermore, we've expanded the wealth of expert tutorials to bring you tips and techniques from over 40 of the top names in the Flash industry, so that you can benefit their years of expertise.