Yenra : Fitness : Losing Fat : Fitness columnist Tosca Reno weighed over two hundred pounds before adopting a fat-losing healthy diet and exercise program

Tosca Reno - CCNMATTHEWS PHOTO/Oxygen Magazine

Oxygen Magazine and fitness expert Tosca Reno have compiled a handy reference guide featuring eighteen healthy substitutions to help people reduce hidden calories and fats. Printed in Oxygen Magazine's Fat Loss special 2006 winter edition, this visual guide will help anyone interested in making healthier dietary choices.

"I encourage my readers to fulfill their New Year's resolutions by adopting a healthy lifestyle with easy dietary adjustments," said author Tosca Reno. "I have created an easy reference guide showing substitutions in everyday food choices."

A whole-grain bagel instead of a low-fat bran muffin for breakfast is an easy yet tasty adjustment. Got the munchies? Try a variety of unsalted nuts rather than snack machine potato chips and for tonight's chili, substitute ground chicken or turkey for ground beef; it will taste the same and nobody will know the difference.

Tosca Reno is an author, fitness expert, and columnist for Oxygen.