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EFP today announced that it has received a purchase order in the amount of $228,000 for its products to supply the United States' armed forces. The company expects to ship the order within the next one to two weeks.

Separately, the company announced that it has received notification of allowance for issuance of a U.S. Patent for a combined hydrophobic-hydrophilic filter for fluids. The patent will be issued to Douglas K. Beplate, President, EFP, who has assigned it to EFP. The patent is the 13th patent to be assigned to the company (seven U.S. patents and six international patents).

The company announced that it is increasing the production capacity of its Taiwanese NanoMask filters by approximately one-third in anticipation of increased demand for its products. At present, the company's Taiwanese manufacturing facility is capable of producing 8,000 to 12,000 filters per day. On average, three filters are produced for every NanoMask that is produced.

Douglas K. Beplate will travel to Japan in October to address the Fourth International Filter Conference in Osaka, Japan on October 8, 2003. The conference will cover the newest methods of nano-fiber media filtration. Mr. Beplate will be presenting a paper entitled, "2H Enhanced Filter Technology," which addresses the ability to enhance filter efficiency using Activated Nano Particles. Mr. Beplate will also be meeting with a large Japanese multinational company regarding a possible distribution agreement for its products in Japan, China and other Far Eastern countries.

EFP's NanoMask, a personal environmental face mask, relies on the company's core 2H Technology filtration system which utilizes a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic filters to capture and isolate viral and bacterial pathogens at very high levels of efficiency. The filtration efficiency is further enhanced by nano-particles applied during the manufacturing process. The nano-particles act as a destructive absorbent, killing microorganisms that come in contact with the filter system.

EFP is an air filtration products manufacturer who's patented 2H Technology filter system has produced filtration efficiencies of 'greater than 99.99%' at a particulate size of 0.027 microns. Its initial products were developed for the medical market: the Vapor Isolation Valve and RespAide CPR Isolation Mask used for resuscitation of respiratory/cardiac arrest cases; and the 2H Breathing Circuit Filter for ventilators, respirators and anesthesia circuitry. Each has received FDA approval. The Company also markets an Automated External Defibrillator Prep Kit featuring RespAide; and the NanoMask, a nanotechnology enhanced environmental mask. In addition to filtration products, the company supplies Superstat, a modified hemostatic collagen, to the US military for surgery and extreme wound care.