Yenra : Security : FBI Reorganization : FBI Director Discusses Further Reorganization With Senate Committee - Roughly nine months since the terrorist attacks, FBI Director Mueller spoke today before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary about the FBI's proposed reorganization.

FBI Director MuellerFBI Director Mueller answered questions from the Judiciary Committee.

Much of Mueller's testimony reiterated proposals introduced at a May 29 press briefing at FBI Headquarters, including the refocusing of priorities and realigning of FBI personnel. "The FBI must become better at shaping its workforce, collaborating with its partners, applying technology to support investigations . . . and developing core competencies," said Director Mueller. The FBI proposes new priorities topped by counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and cyber investigations, and to reassign more than 500 Special Agents.

Mueller also used his time in front of the Committee to describe an enhancement of the FBI's flexibility, agility and accountability. Information sharing with international, federal, and local law enforcement agencies is being improved to better meet the challenges associated with cyber-crime and counterterrorism. For example, the number of interagency Joint

Director Robert S. Mueller was joined by Inspector General Glenn Fine.

Terrorism Task Forces around the nation have increased since the terrorist attacks. Mueller aims to "eliminate internal 'stove-pipes' and barriers that prevent use from being more collaborative among ourselves and with our external partners."

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