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Faucet Water Filter

Clear Flow launched a pioneering line of long-life, disposable kitchen and bathroom faucet mount water filters at the International Home and Housewares Show on March 20-22 at Chicago's McCormick Place.

Kitchen units are known as Clear Flow Complete and Clear Flow Faucet Filter, while the breakthrough bathroom unit is called Clear Flow Bathroom Faucet Filter.

Unlike other faucet filters that need to be changed frequently, Clear Flow filters can be used for up to one year before the entire unit is replaced. Clear Flow Bathroom Faucet Filter is the world's first faucet filter designed for bathroom sinks and includes an adjustable water fountain. Both the kitchen and bathroom filter units include electronic filter status lights that tell users when the filter is working and when it needs replacement. Each unit includes two faucet adapters to allow installation on most faucets.

"The biggest thing we're offering is a great deal more convenience for a product that has been well accepted by the marketplace," said Bill Warren, president of Clear Flow. "The research is overwhelming and it's clear that consumers loathe the hassle of replacement filters. Our long-life disposable approach saves consumers time and money involved in shopping for filter cartridges. That's a significant step forward in convenience and value for busy families and individuals."

The kitchen units filter up to 300 gallons of water compared to 100 gallons for other leading brands. Within the company product line, Clear Flow Complete filters the broadest range of contaminants and lasts up to eight months, while Clear Flow Faucet Filter provides maximum life, lasting up to one year based on average household size and water consumption. The Clear Flow Bathroom Faucet Filter lasts up to eight months.

Both kitchen units are certified by NSF International--the 60-year-old world leader in standards development and product certification--to remove many common materials affecting the taste and healthfulness of water, such as chlorine, lead, cysts, mercury, and asbestos. Additionally, NSF has certified the 200- and 300-gallon capacity of the kitchen units. The Clear Flow bathroom filters are currently being tested by NSF.

"Studies show that up to 60 percent of homes fail to treat their water," noted Warren. "Using the Clear Flow products is a very economical way to reduce harmful contaminants and improve the taste of your tap water."

Warren noted that the bathroom faucet filter, equipped with a drinking fountain, is particularly novel. "This will effectively eliminate the need for parents and children to be drinking bottled water in bathrooms and bedrooms," said Warren. "Now you can have great tasting water right from your bathroom tap."

The small size of the unit and its disposability also make it ideal for travelers as they can fasten it to faucets in hotels and other homes.

Clear Flow representatives will be offering demonstrations of the product throughout the show with special emphasis placed on its one-of-a-kind bathroom filter model. Additionally, the company will participate in the "New Products Showcase," an area of the show featuring recent products.

Consumers can purchase the filters for $30 to $35, and they will be sold through major retail stores, specialty outlets, and catalog distributors. The units are available in a variety of colors, including white, chrome, empire red, cobalt blue and iris blue.