Yenra : Medical : Endoscopic Digital Camera Head : Coupling mechanism enables enhanced interchangeability of endoscopes within the sterile field

Digital Endoscopy

Karl Storz has launched its latest addition to the Image 1 camera platform for endoscopic surgery. The new, fully digital DCI-D1 direct coupled interface camera head offers a compact design within the Image 1 platform. It can be directly coupled securely to existing Karl Storz DCI Video Intubation Systems and Video Macintosh blades for Anesthesia, as well as Lerut Video Mediastinoscopes in Thoracoscopy. Other DCI rigid telescopes are also available for other specialties.

The new camera head provides several key advantages during endoscopy procedures, including its revolutionary DCI coupling mechanism that allows easy assembly and enhanced interchangeability of endoscopes within the sterile field. In anesthesiology and thoracoscopy applications, the camera head allows for more effective and efficient teaching and documentation of intubation and mediastinoscopy procedures, and it enables a primary physician to work with an assistant in a coordinated fashion.

"This new version replaces our previous analog Telecam version, delivering exceptional digital image quality, ease of use, and beneficial features for surgeons," said Jacqueline Benz of Karl Storz.

"Images are brighter and crisper. Excellent detail of magnified anatomy facilitates identification of critical landmarks."

In addition, reprogrammable easy-access buttons on the camera head provide intuitive sterile field access to all camera functions. This configuration of programmable function buttons is identical to that of all other Image 1 camera heads, virtually eliminating the learning curve associated with new products.

The camera head combines unique optical telescope and camera designs, including a latching mechanism that allows telescopes to be changed quickly with a simple snap-on/snap-off exchange. This direct-coupled mechanism ensures a secure attachment, with no possibility of loose-fitting eyepieces or optical fogging. The ergonomic design that fits the physician's hand well and is comfortably balanced for one-handed operation. And because the light cable comes off the back of the camera, it remains out of the operative field, facilitating improved instrument introduction in tight working spaces.

Karl Storz develops reusable endoscope technology.