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Zix has released the latest version of the Zix VPM (Virtual Private Messenger) enterprise-wide email encryption solution. 2.3 is offered on a new platform, Dell 1850 or Dell 750, with superior hardware support. It also includes features requested by current users, including new routing options for greater flexibility, increased interoperability, and the ability to control when email is encrypted.

New features of the product include:

Several customers, including Detroit Medical Center, conducted beta testing. "With Zix VPM 2.3 we have measured a 50 percent improvement in our mail flow response times," said Eric M. Foote of Detroit Medical Center Information Services. Stability has also improved, including less hands-on administrative time required. The granularity of the message classification has also greatly improved thereby giving us greater control of our encryption policies."

Zix VPM is a server-based enterprise solution for organizations that require a high level of email security and encryption. The service provides a secure e-messaging gateway without the need to create, deploy, or manage end-user encryption keys and software. It offers send-to-anyone capability, corporate-defined policy management, and remains transparent to end users.

"Zix VPM has proven to be an ideal solution for a variety of business sectors that handle sensitive information, including securing HIPAA information for the healthcare community and sensitive account numbers and other private data for the financial community," said Nigel Johnson for Zix. "We currently have more than 200 Zix VPM customers and 300,000 contracted seats, and encrypted messages have been sent to more than four million unique addresses through our Zix Data Center using our Best Method of Delivery. The enhancements to this latest version help expand functionality and provide a flexible, easy-to-use solution, while continuing to provide accelerated installation for a system-wide encryption solution."

Zix provides e-communication services that protect, manage, and deliver sensitive information to enterprises and consumers.