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Legally binding forensically identifiable process free of special hardware, software, or downloads

Electronic Signature

3PV has developed a process that, among other security features, adds both a serial number and a watermark to the signature and then encrypts all elements together with the document. The seamless and immediate sequence yields the only service-based, electronic, hand-written signature on the market today.

"Even more important than the efficiency of our AssureSign process is the integrity of the signature," said 3PV's CEO David Brinkman. "We can match the signature for authentication in much the same way as a traditional signature. Our encryption process ensures the utmost protection while eliminating time-consuming copying, faxing, and mailing."

Companies that wish to utilize the new product will find it very natural and easy to use. They simply send the documents to be signed, along with the contact information for their customers, to 3PV's dedicated, secure AssureSign web site. 3PV sends each customer a secure e-mail that takes them to the AssureSign page where the document is housed.

The customer is provided with directions on how to sign the document simply using a mouse. Once the customer submits the signed document, 3PV employs its process, stores the encrypted document electronically, and makes it accessible to the company and designated customers.

Assure Sign permits companies to obtain signatures anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. Brinkman sees the product as a perfect fit for the telecommunications industry, law firms, the medical profession, realtors, mortgage brokers and real estate developers, and other businesses that require signatures on documents or agreements. The process is Fannie Mae compliant as it exceeds all of that company's rules for electronic signatures, including stringent requirements regarding security and storage of the information.

3PV specializes in complete third party verification solutions, electronic letter of agency, and electronic signature services for business transactions.