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Electronic Kit

When looking for an electronic kit, you can either go directly to an electronic kit manufacturer, or you can find an electronic project kit (sometimes called an electronic hobby kit) in the educational electronic kit section of a store that sells both electronic kit plans and provides repair tools.

Simple, Low Cost Electronics Projects is a book that describes 22 construction projects, what the project will do, how it works (with schematic and detailed circuit explanation), how to build it (with circuit board and parts layout in most cases), parts list, sources, photos -- and even troubleshooting if it doesn't work -- everything you need but the parts themselves. Most of the projects are also available as kits, so you don't have to scrounge around for parts. This book is intended for the beginning or intermediate hobbyist or experimenter, and includes projects such as: a talking alarm clock; a photo-electric digital counter; various telephone add-on gadgets; component testers, oscillators and much more.