Yenra : Electronics : Disposable Smart Cable Connectors : Intelligent micro-scale systems improve fine wire terminations of multiple-wire cables

Smart Connector

MEDCONX has introduced a new line of disposable smart cable connectors.

"We've listened to the OEMs of minimally invasive medical equipment," said company president Michael Viguerie. "What the market has demanded are cables with connectors that were more cost-effective, higher quality and with shorter lead-times than the products coming from overseas."

"We have enabled OEMs to replace reusable cables with disposable cables where they previously have been unable to meet the required price points," Viguerie added.

The smart cable connectors incorporate the company's Smart Block technology which solves the time- and labor-intensive assembly of fine wire terminations of multiple-wire cables into connectors.

The smart connectors have been designed to integrate value-added electronic components and other intelligent micro-scale systems into the connector plug. "One such micro-scale system is our Smart Use-Limiter which can be designed to control the specific number of times a device can be utilized in order to prevent unwarranted instrument recycling," Viguerie added.

"We've been applying our proven expertise in PC board and IC mass production techniques to this MIS industry-wide problem. This has resulted in MEDCONX being able to offer a more cost-effective solution, with newer technology that reduces assembly time, improves yields, provides faster turn-around times and ensures greater in-field reliability. For the OEMs, that translates into significant competitive advantages overall," Viguerie concluded.

MEDCONX develops connection technology. Acquired by ATL in 2015.