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TravRoute, a division of ALK technologies, the leading navigation solutions provider in the United States, and TeamWarrior, the Cambridge based pioneer of wireless technologies, have announced the UK launch of the award-winning CoPilot GPS navigation solution for the PDA. Designed with the driver in mind, Pocket CoPilot is a stylish and easy-to-use system that incorporates over 5 years of award-winning navigation technology. Pocket CoPilot is straightforward and easy to set up and is compatible with most Pocket PC devices.

The GPS receiver inserts into a CF slot, and the software application and maps for the entire UK are stored on a single SD card. "CoPilot is compatible with a number of PDA's and works in various countries, allowing you to bring the power of an installed navigation system to any vehicle in the U.S. or Europe," says Alain Kornhauser, CEO, ALK Technologies. "We are excited about our partnership with a respected organization like TeamWarrior and hope it fuels the GPS interests of PDA owners in the UK." "This is great news for UK PDA owners who want to get real functionality from their devices," said Dr. Tim Murdoch, CEO, TeamWarrior. "CoPilot Solutions are a compelling yet affordable solution rivaling in-car navigation systems but at a fraction of the cost." It is one of the easiest to use gps systems available.

Planning a trip using the Planning Mode is simply a matter of entering start and destination points -- you can specify streets, post-codes, junctions or regions -- and any stops or Points-of-Interest along the way. Address entry is speeded by an intelligent type-ahead feature that tries to predict what you're inputting; for easy access you can also store your Home, Work and up to 25 frequently used addresses or places. Pressing the Go button then delivers full turn-by-turn directions and trip maps, so you can preview your journey before setting off.

The system is in it element when you switch to Guidance mode, which brings in the GPS. Mounted to the dashboard via a vent mount, the unit will initially require about half a minute to pinpoint your location which will initiate its exclusive "text-to-speech" voice technology. Full voice directions clearly direct the driver to turn appropriately on to named roads in a refreshingly human voice. The audio experience and the "Driver Safety" screen, that displays only essential information, ensures that the driver will never be distracted from the important business of driving. Instant and automatic route recalculation keeps the driver on track allowing for hands free operations even after missing a turn or encountering an unexpected delay.

Although Pocket CoPilot is primarily concerned with navigation, several exclusive features exist. Pocket Outlook Integration lets you quickly enter an Outlook contact as a destination allowing you to quickly input the address details of any of their contacts. An intelligent Detour feature allows you to view alternate routes, including the difference in time and distance. Selective Routing allows a user to avoid entire road segments with one click and an ETA display, which constantly updates the time of arrival at your destination, provides a useful guide for meeting times.

Furthermore an upgrade pack, available at the beginning of November, allows users with a connected mobile phone to receive detailed real-time traffic information on their route warning of any problems. If serious problems are reported CoPilot can automatically provide an alternative route, avoiding the traffic, ensuring the driver is confident of reaching their destination quickly and safely.