Yenra : Fitness : Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells : Space-efficient free-weight lifting system provides 5 to 50 pounds in a single compact unit


Bowflex has introduced a new style of free-weight dumbbells. The Select Tech Dumbbells are equipped with selectorized dials that adjust the lifting weight from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds, with the unused weight plates staying secure in an accompanying base. The space-efficient free-weight system functions as fifteen pairs of dumbbells in a single, compact unit that is designed to reside tastefully in the family room, loft, or apartment where it can be used anytime.

"We introduced this product concept on a limited basis earlier in the year and received a very positive response from consumers," said Tim Hawkins, chief customer officer and chief marketing officer for The Nautilus Group.

"This product overcomes the challenge that free weights need to be kept out in high-use areas if they are to be used frequently," Hawkins said. "Because they are stylish, compact and easy to adjust, you can leave them in high-traffic areas where anyone can adjust them quickly to address their workout needs."

Free weights are a staple in fitness programs and are the most sought-after fitness equipment item because they allow people to do multiple exercises at a reasonable price, Hawkins said. Select Tech dumbbells take that a step further by helping people perform more than 30 exercises and 80 variations, including strength, cardiovascular and flexibility-oriented workouts.

"These Bowflex Select Tech dumbbells are so sleek, so attractive, and so easy that you just want to pick them up and experiment," said Tom Purvis, the highly-regarded "Trainer to the Trainers" who trains fitness experts on strength resistance. "This may be the product that gets more people to begin or intensify their fitness training program in a quality way that they can do for life."

A pair of free-weights comes standard with a 90-minute training tape Secrets of the 4 Step Rep by Tom Purvis. It also includes a six- week satisfaction guarantee, two-year limited warranty on all parts, five-year warranty on weight plates, and a one-year warranty on labor. The retail price is $399 plus shipping, with optional accessories including a mat, chrome stand, and bench.