Programmable Beverage Containers - Yenra

Surface buttons on bottles release colors, flavors, fragrances, and one or two doses of caffeine

Programmable Beverages

Ipifini's Programmable Liquid Container technology employs buttons on the container's surface that release additives (flavors, colors, fragrances) into the liquid. Additive buttons allow for the consumer to choose variations of the liquid in the container at the point of consumption. For example, a programmable cola bottle with buttons for lemon, lime, vanilla, and cherry flavors as well as a caffeine button allows for thirty-two potential choices of soda. A programmable paint container with twenty pigment additive buttons allows the consumer to choose from one million colors.

"Providing choice at the point of consumption creates tremendous advantages for the consumers as well as the manufacturer," noted co-inventor Glenn Wachler.

Ipifini founder Dr. Tod Woolf said that "virtually everyone who has seen our Programmable Liquid Container technology is fascinated and excited by its usefulness and consumer appeal."

Consumer demand for variety within a product line has generated a proliferation of products with different additives. Choice-Enabled Packaging is applicable to any liquid product with multiple varieties. This technology simplifies manufacturing, distribution, promotion and sales by allowing a single container to replace a series of product varieties. The technology also allows consumers to select their desired variation at time of use.