Yenra : Beverages : Hot Beverage Maker : Kraft Braun Tassimo system brings coffee house beverages home with taste and variety at the touch of a button

The Tassimo Hot Beverage System will make its American debut this week. The single serve hot beverage maker provides taste and variety at the touch of a button. The technology of the new brewing system, developed and designed by Kraft Foods, positions Tassimo as a machine that allows people to prepare an assortment of hot beverages -- including coffee, tea, cappuccino, espresso, latte and hot chocolate -- conveniently at home. Providing quality and taste for discerning palates, as well as the convenience of having a variety of drinks at your fingertips in one minute, Tassimo's one-cup preparation ensures no mess, leftovers or delays associated with outdated brewing systems or crowded coffee shops.

Unlike other single serve brewers, Tassimo uses real liquid milk to create the dense foam or frothy milk for cappuccino and latte eliminating the need for a complicated steam wand or frothing attachment.

"Consumers want access to a variety of hot beverages at different times of the day without having to use multiple machines," said Howard Friedman of Tassimo. "Tassimo combines quality brands, convenience and unique technology to provide the ultimate in-home hot beverage experience at the touch of a button. We believe Tassimo will change the way people prepare and drink hot beverages at home."

The Tassimo system has two key components: the Tassimo brewing machine and proprietary Tassimo discs (T-DISCS). Through Tassimo's smart technology, the machine's microprocessor reads the barcode printed on the T-DISC label after it is inserted into the machine and automatically calculates the correct water quantity, brewing time and temperature to prepare the perfect beverage.

Hot Beverage Maker

All of the brewing happens inside the T-DISC. An inverse flow of filtered water guarantees optimal flavor with virtually no clean up or residue from previously made beverages. Most beverages are ready in under a minute.

Providing a menu of premium brands such as Gevalia coffees, Twinings teas, and Suchard hot chocolate, each T-DISC contains a precisely measured amount of coffee, tea, chocolate, or real liquid milk and is sealed to protect the flavors inside.

"Tassimo will empower consumers," Friedman continued. "Now you can create the beverage of your choice when and how you want it right at home."

The machine is made by espresso maker Saeco. It adheres to the high quality standards of Braun who will distribute and service Tassimo.