Diesel Energy Drink - Yenra

Caffeine, gaurana, ginseng, vitamins B and C, and seven energizing amino acids fortify flavorful nutrient beverage

Energy Drink

Diesel is a new nutrient energy drink. The revitalizing beverage includes five more amino acids than are typically found in energy drinks.

"Consumers of energy drinks seek the sustained energy they get from the enhancement of amino acids," said Michael Michail of United Brands. "With Diesel, we have increased the intensity previously available with supplements like Taurine and caffeine, and fortified it with powerful nutrients that generate prolonged energy."

Diesel's high-energy pack features a combination of caffeine, energizing agents like gaurana and ginseng, and seven amino acids, including Taurine, Arganine, Carnitine, Valine, Leucine, Isolueucine and Tyrosine. Diesel is also fortified with vitamins B and C.

Diesel is available in regular and low carb versions, as well as two sizes: 16 and 24 ounces. Diesel Low Carb contains only one gram of carb per serving.