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Diskless Boot

Venturcom, a leading provider of PC remote boot and image management software, today announced the deployment of its BXP software-only diskless boot solution at the Convent Light Street School in Penang, Malaysia, as part of the Intel Interactive Learning Solution pilot school project. Intel works closely with technology vendors and service providers to deliver an education solution suitable for teaching in schools. Venturcom's BXP software will provide the Convent Light Street School a means to quickly reconfigure student desktops for multiple uses and ensure that the desktops remain highly available, highly reliable, and resistant to viruses and file corruption.

The Convent Light Street School project includes twenty-one Intel Pentium 4 processor PCs running Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP. Venturcom's BXP software solution centralizes file storage, but uses full local processing power to support desktop education requirements such as streaming media and high-end applications, exactly as if they were running from a local hard disk. The end result is a solution that provides both simplified central management for non-technical school personnel and a rich multi-media training environment for teachers and students.

"Intel is pleased to include Venturcom's BXP solution in the Intel Interactive Learning Solution pilot school project," commented Eric Chan, marketing director, Embedded Intel Architecture Division (APAC/Japan), Communications Infrastructure Group. "BXP provides educational institutions with a valuable service in its ability to protect the integrity of the training environment without compromising system performance."

"We support Intel's goal of harnessing the power of technology and putting it to work for teachers and students," said Mark Yohai, vice president of global channel development, Venturcom Corporation. "This deployment, made possible through our teamwork with Intel, will help the Convent Light Street School minimize downtime, significantly ease their systems management, and reduce their support costs."