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The Complete Book of Frisbee: The History of the Sport & the First Official Price Guide - The Complete Book of Frisbee is the first comprehensive history of the frisbee, from the dawn of the flying disc in 700 b.c. to modern-day games, including frisbee golf, ultimate frisbee, and worldwide competition. This delightful retrospective will thrill the millions of frisbee players past, present, and future--from the baby boomers who popularized the sport to the frisbee enthusiasts of all ages casting their plastic discs on lawns and beaches everywhere. Additionally, a compendium of classic frisbee models and a price guide make this book the only source for collectors worldwide. Appendixes include a list of major events in frisbee history, a glossary of terms, and lists of frisbee organizations, publications, manufacturers, collectors, and dealers.

Frisbee Dogs : How to Raise, Train and Compete - Frisbee Dogs: How to Raise, Train and Compete is the definitive volume on the sport and contains 192 pages of helpful hints, with over 300 photographs and illustrations. Thousands of copies of the first edition have been sold all over the world. The updated and expanded second edition is now available. Have you ever been to a major sporting event and seen amazing Frisbee dogs dazzle the crowd? Seen them perform on television, at a park, or beach? Its a spectacular sight! Want to know how you can train your dog to catch just like a World Champ? Now you can as World Champion Peter Bloeme takes you on a written and pictorial adventure through the process of raising and training a Frisbee dog.