Yenra : Electronics : Digital Signs : Lightweight display backplanes, sensors, and switched arrays and circuits with high contrast, low power, and thin profile

Thin Film

A new technology may eliminate the need for semiconductor transistors in some display products. A display prototype using an active matrix technology from Rolltronics utilized electronic ink technology from electronic paper display manufacturer E Ink.

The first commercial application of FASwitch will be large-area displays targeted initially at the signage market. The combination of an active matrix backplane with electronic paper technologies creates an ideal digital sign with high contrast, low power consumption, and a lightweight, thin profile.

"FASwitch's fresh new approach changes all the rules," says Michael Sauvante of Rolltronics. "A transistor is just a switch. So we set out to create an affordable universal switch without silicon to replace expensive transistors currently used in active matrix arrays. The applications are vast. FASwitch has the potential to drive virtually all FPD display technologies, as well as sensors and circuits, to improve functionality and dramatically reduce costs."

"FASwitch electrostatically-driven membrane switches are patterned with metal traces to form active matrix switch arrays that can be produced with the same roll-to-roll processes that are used in the flexible circuit industry," says Dr. Nicholas Pasch of Rolltronics.

Rolltronics develops device and roll-to-roll manufacturing technologies to produce affordable electronic components with improved features.