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The Cummins Power Generation business and the Cummins distributor network have been responding to emergency power generation needs throughout the Northeast United States and Canada. An immediate response was set in motion throughout the Cummins network directly following Thursday afternoon's outages.

Cummins diesel generators have been responsible for providing immediate emergency power needs to hospitals, airports and air traffic control, telecommunication equipment and public service facilities.

Cummins Power Generation's rental fleet has the capability to provide power to 315,000 homes. Cummins had 100 megawatts of rental power operating in the Northeast as of yesterday afternoon. In addition, Cummins had 65 megawatts of rental power generation equipment available. Twenty-one megawatts of power have already been placed in various locations. These units range in power from 750 kilowatts to 2 megawatts each.

"Our factory and distributor support network has done an excellent job of providing fast relief to many of the millions of people who have been affected by this power outage," said Tony Satterthwaite, Cummins Vice-President, Generator Set Business. "Our first priority has been to ensure that our existing customers are getting the attention they need with their power generation systems during this emergency. This unfortunate outage highlights the value of diesel standby generators and distributed power generation technology."

The diesel generators rental power generation equipment that has been mobilized is in addition to the hundreds of megawatts of Cummins power already installed in standby power applications throughout the Northeast. This offers security to many critical service providers including hospitals, telecommunication companies and airports.