Yenra : Safety : Voice Smoke Detector : Personalized vocal alarm more effective at rousing children from deep slumber than traditional tone alerts

Vocal Alarm

Two out of three children sleep through the beeping traditional smoke alarms, but children wake to the sound of a parent's voice more than 96 percent of the time. A new breakthrough Vocal Smoke Alarm from SignalONE allows a family member to record their own voice and personal message to wake children from a deep sleep and instruct them.

In fact, even if children do awake to the sound of a smoke alarm, they are typically disoriented or frightened and can take as long as five minutes to escape. But when kids hear their parent's voice as an alarm, the time drops to 38 seconds

Psychology Professor Dr. James Maas says it is well documented that hearing a familiar voice can help a child overcome panic. "Children are more likely to be aroused from sleep and tune in to messages delivered by a familiar voice rather than be aroused by and respond to the typical fire alarm signal," he says.

The vocal smoke alarm costs under sixty dollars and is available at Radio Shack and Target.