Yenra : Military : Surveillance Airships : Conceptual design of system stationed high above urban ground to provide real time awareness to friendly forces in the area


Blue Planet Studio and Cynosure New Media joined forces to produce 3D animation for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Special Projects Office (DARPA SPO).

Converting futuristic concepts into high-tech visualization, these animations were used to support SPO and VSO exhibits on display at the recent DARPA Systems and Technology Symposium.

Two 3D animations were produced to depict how technology advancements in airship design, station keeping, and sensor payload can be used to improve the timeliness, persistence, and usefulness of surveillance platforms deployed over areas of interest.

Working collaboratively with DARPA SPO, Cynosure New Media handled scriptwriting and narration, while Blue Planet Studio provided the creative aspects of animation production, post-production editing, and special effects.

"Nothing contributes more to the success of a project than combining a great client with a team of extremely talented professionals, like Blue Planet Studio," said Paul Zimmerman of Cynosure New Media.

Blue Planet Studio provides high-end photorealistic graphics and 3D animation.

Cynosure New Media develops training, produces digital content, and customizes software applications.