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Data Logger

Pasco has produced a new graphic data logger.

The company took the best aspects of a computer -- including a high-resolution display, large memory, an operating system, a file management system and direct connection to a printer -- and incorporated them to form a unique, powerful science learning solution.

The device raises the standard for graphing dataloggers by enabling students to capture data in real-time, graph, analyze, annotate, store a full day of lab experiments, and print the data by connecting directing to a printer. Because it is small and highly mobile, it's a powerful standalone unit perfect for field experiments. A high-resolution LCD backlit screen allows data to be viewed even in bright sunlight or low-light conditions. The voice annotation feature means students can easily relate events to collected data during later analysis.

"Years of research have proven that hands-on learning is an extremely effective way for students to learn science, and probeware technology makes more hands-on science possible," said Paul A. Stokstad, Pasco founder and president. "Pasco wants all students to have access to this powerful learning technology, and we designed it to eliminate many of the common barriers to use. This is an affordable, ideally sized, ideally powered tool for hands-on science measurement and analysis."

The large memory allows students to store a full day of labs. The rechargeable battery means the instrument will last through a full-day field trip or class after class of students. And its small footprint means even a classroom desktop can become a science lab -- without compromising analytical power.

The explorer GLX was also designed to facilitate classroom deployment and management. Its "instant on" feature means students spend more time on science learning and less time setting up. Its unique operating system enhances teacher control over the science learning environment. Teachers can easily create and replicate experiment instructions and setup files to all units in the class, and use the file management system to save and organize experiment files. And the unit connects directly to a printer for quick printouts of graphs and lab reports.

The data logger includes four built-in sensors (two temperature, one voltage and one sound) and four additional sensor ports. With the four included sensors, students are equipped to conduct dozens of experiments right out of the box. A comprehensive range of sensors (more than 50 currently available) can be used to enable students to measure and explore an amazing array of life and physical science phenomenon. These unique all-digital sensors provide cleaner data to help students reveal the science more easily.

Pasco Scientific develops innovative, technology-based solutions for hands-on science.