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Data Cleansing

AMB Dataminers has entered into a strategic alliance with DQ Global. AMB is now offering DQ's matching technology within AMB's eCartography Data Profiling Suite.

Utilizing DQ Global's advanced data standardization and phonetic matching algorithms in five spoken languages, AMB's data profiling/quality suite and its new de-duping process will offer the industry's first integrated data profiling/quality and cleansing application as a source code asset to software and database vendors as well as the retail market place. Through this offering, clients will be able to source and profile metadata and data to confirm its completeness, compliance and cleanliness including new phonetic identification and management of duplicates.

"Our research shows that data profiling has quickly become a key ancillary component of most serious data quality and data integration initiatives," said Doug Laney, Vice President, META Group. "Enterprises can no longer expect to discover incidentally or 'guesstimate' the data quality issues or data integration opportunities hidden among their increasingly vast array of data sets. We believe that this burgeoning variety of data, combined with data management demands of business intelligence, customer data integration, application integration, database migration, and compliance-related initiatives, render data profiling a must-have technology by 2005."

The convergence of these data quality and data profiling technologies truly makes it possible for organizations to obtain a return on the significant investments they are otherwise in danger of squandering on existing CRM and ERP applications, data warehouses and data marts.

"We're very pleased to enter into this alliance with DQ Global," said Steve Meister, AMB's founder and CEO. "Our data profiling/quality solution will enable companies to bring data quality to a higher level of completeness, reliability and understanding."

"AMB recognizes that our component-based technology embedded in their third party software delivers the enhanced functionality of identifying, correcting and preventing costly data defects which undermine business decisions, efficiency and effectiveness," says Martin Doyle, President of DQ Global. "Data is finally being recognized in industry as a major corporate asset and strategic enabler. Delete it and consider the business impact if you don't believe me."

AMB Dataminers provides data quality solutions that help organizations worldwide to understand the content and completeness of their data.

DQ Global helps identify, correct and prevent costly data defects that undermine business decisions, efficiency and effectiveness.