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Modularis has released Modularis Accelerator 6, an Architected-Rapid Application Development (Architected-RAD) Environment for the Microsoft .NET platform.

Accelerator is the only Architected-RAD environment for the Microsoft .NET platform. By combining a proven and efficient Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with software automation technology, Modularis helps organizations address the fundamental shift towards service-oriented enterprise application development.

"Modularis Accelerator has increased developer productivity by a factor of ten," said John Reilly, Vice President of Software Development for Valor Systems. "With Accelerator, we will be able to get our .NET software to market faster and without needing to hire outside contractors. What's more, the quality of the software we produce will be much better because using Accelerator has enabled us to invest more time in design." Valor Systems is an early adopter of version 6 of Modularis Accelerator.

Microsoft ushered in the era of Rapid Application Development (RAD) with its 1991 release of Visual Basic. "Although RAD tools like VB provide a leap forward in productivity, the code-centric approach adopted by most RAD developers often results in short-lived, difficult-to-maintain spaghetti code," said A.J. Singh, co-founder and CEO of Modularis, "Modularis Accelerator extends Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to provide an Architected-RAD environment that resolves this problem -- it effectively bakes -- in a proven and efficient software architecture into the development process."

Modularis is doing for software what automation and robotics has done for manufacturing. Accelerator enables Modularis customers to build scalable, available, and maintainable .NET applications at a fraction of the risk, time, and cost typically associated with custom development.