Cranberry Sage Crackers

Cranberry Sage Triscuit cracker

Yesterday, while at Walmart shopping for Cran Energy drinks, I found Triscuit Cranberry & Sage crackers, limited edition. Because I was in a mood for cranberry, I bought them and have them now.

Looking closely at a cracker, you can see bits of cranberry and sage.

Cranberry Sage cracker close

Cranberry Sage Triscuit zoomed in to show the range of cranberry specks, sage bits, and brown sugar melt zones.

Sage is a pretty intense flavor, so you have to like that, then when it collides with cranberry, that can be a little strange.

Macro photograph of a Cranberry Sage Triscuit

This very close photograph of a cranberry sage Triscuit cracker not ony shows the cranberry and sage distribution, it also shows the carmelized brown sugar and some of the salt crystals as well.

I would have liked them to not have the sugar; I guess that cranberry brings a bitterness so sugar is a way of dealing with that.

Cranberry sage crackers

Limited edition whole grain crackers.

I'm glad I tried them while they are around; they are limited edition, so I think lots of people will take home a box to try. The more I try them, the more they grow on me. At first I missed the hearty taste of wheat. But once one gets used to the berry tartness, the wheat comes back. It takes a palette adjustment.