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Crab Cake Recipies

The Chesapeake Bay Crabbiest Cookbook by Whitey Schmidt - The Chesapeake's culinary expert for everything crab, Whitey Schmidt, has done it again. His latest book features 210 recipes and plenty of useful information such as how to choose the best crabs and how to eat them.

This cookbook also features over 225 photographs of restaurant crab signs, crab advertising, people, places, boats and more! Whitey makes this book fun to read with his comments about the dishes or stories about their background.

You'll get recipes for appetizers, crab cakes, crab seasoning, deviled crabs, main dishes, salads, sauces, soft shells, and soups. A great book for any crab lover.

Crab Cookbook - Crab Appetizers (including spreads, dips), Crab Soups, Crab Salads, Crab Cakes, Soft Shell Crabs, Deviled Crab, and Imperial Crab. A compilation of the author's favorite self-tested recipes of crab dishes from the country's best crab chefs, including crab cake recipies.