Yenra : California Recall : Cost of California Recall : A special recall election would cost the state at least million.

In an open letter to the citizens of California, members of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation today called for an end to the California recall effort, partly because of the cost of the California recall.

In the letter, members highlight the instability such an initiative would cause the stateís economy: "At a time when California is struggling, it is incumbent upon all her elected officials to refrain from actions that create uncertainty. We should be working together to find answers for our state, instead of wasting resources to overrule its voters."

"This effort is purely political and is a grave disservice to the people of our State," House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said. "The recall effort is about injecting political instability into California, not about helping the people of California."

"We were elected as Representatives of the state of California and all that it is - the good times and the bad times. Everyone pulled together to help California lead the nationís economic boom under Clinton, but now some want to throw dynamite during the bust," said outgoing Chairman Farr (D-Carmel).

"The recall effort has distracted Californiaís leaders when there are too many important issues that must be addressed. The business climate in our state is unstable and the recall is already causing more uncertainty in our economy. In my hometown of San Jose, the unemployment rate is over 8%," said incoming Chairwoman Lofgren (D-San Jose). " We stand united against the recall and we encourage all Californians to reject this effort. Now is the time for us to join together as Californians to get our state back on its feet."

California currently has a $38 billion budget deficit and a 6.6% unemployment rate. A special recall election would cost the state at least $25 million.