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SSA Global today announced the general availability of the SSA Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite. SSA CPM is a single-source, enterprise-wide performance management solution with extensive integration to SSA Global core enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

Powered by Cognos, SSA CPM allows companies to monitor and analyze performance, recalibrate plans and respond immediately to changing market conditions. And SSA Global provides the only prepackaged integration of SSA ERP applications with Cognos solutions, dramatically reducing implementation time.

"We are pleased with the breadth and depth of integration that SSA Global has brought to the Cognos CPM solution," said Ted Jandl, vice president of strategic partners, Cognos. "CPM is the future of business intelligence. SSA Global is one of the first partners to leverage Cognos' comprehensive framework for CPM to provide a full suite of software and services to meet their customers' emerging CPM needs."

"Due to the tough economic conditions and global competition, getting more out of less has become a business imperative and customers are asking for solutions that deliver quick value," said Cory A. Eaves, vice president, solutions management and research, SSA Global. "CPM enables customers to closely monitor costs, identify additional revenue opportunities and further simplify management processes. A key benefit of SSA CPM is that the suite can be implemented in phases versus all or nothing. As such, end-users can identify the components that are needed most, delivering the highest value."

SSA CPM delivers a new blend of technology and processes that enable companies to actively monitor and measure performance. Components within SSA CPM work together to communicate corporate and strategic goals throughout the enterprise as well as analyze performance against those goals, providing the understanding needed to continuously recalibrate plans.

Key components of the SSA CPM suite include:

SSA Enterprise Planning

SSA Enterprise Scorecarding

SSA Enterprise BI

SSA Global (now Infor) is a leading provider of extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing, services, and public organizations worldwide. In addition to core ERP applications, SSA Global offers a full range of integrated extended solutions including corporate performance management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and supplier relationship management.