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American Science and Engineering will provide a MobileSearch X-ray inspection system to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Valued at approximately $1.9 million, the order also includes AS&E's Radioactive Threat Detection (RTD) technology to guard against nuclear devices and dirty bombs, as well as the "backscatter-only" option, which allows for rapid screenings in crowded locations.

DHS will deploy the MobileSearch system overseas to facilitate Container Security Initiative (CSI) compliance at a major international port. Developed by U.S. Customs (now U.S. Customs and Border Protection within DHS), CSI is the only formal program in operation today designed to detect weapons of mass destruction, and to deter terrorists from exploiting the vulnerabilities of containerized cargo.

"I am pleased to announce this order for a MobileSearch X-ray inspection system - the second order we've received from the Department of Homeland Security this week," said Anthony Fabiano, President and CEO. "This system will directly support the growing Container Security Initiative, a major advancement by the federal government to screen high-risk cargo containers headed for the United States. MobileSearch is ideal for this application, as it offers an outstanding level of threat detection without impeding the flow of commerce. We aim to provide DHS and other U.S. Government agencies with world-class homeland defense solutions by continuously developing AS&E's unique detection technologies."

An innovative truck-mounted system, MobileSearch combines Z Backscatter technology with traditional transmission X-rays, enabling operators to accurately identify both inorganic and organic contraband in vehicles or containers. In addition, MobileSearch can detect radiological threats in cargo while producing X-ray images with AS&E's new RTD technology. Sixty MobileSearch X-ray inspection systems are installed or under construction worldwide.

American Science and Engineering develops and manufactures state-of-the-art X-ray inspection systems for homeland security and other critical defense applications. AS&E continues to innovate, create and develop new products by investing in new ideas through research and development, and evolving its technology to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. AS&E's patented Z Backscatter technology detects plastic explosives, illegal drugs, and other contraband, even when artfully concealed in complex backgrounds by terrorists and smugglers. AS&E's Shaped Energy X-ray inspection systems combine the material discrimination features of Z Backscatter imaging with the penetration capability of high-energy X-rays for dense cargoes, without the problems caused by excessive radiation. AS&E's High Energy Systems Division manufactures linear accelerators for a variety of applications including medical, scientific, security, electron beam curing and non-destructive testing.