Connected Appliances

Connected Appliances
Connected Appliances

GE Appliances is offering a full suite of connected appliances, made possible through numerous strategic partnerships with fellow leading connected home brands, including Amazon, Google, Nest and more. Through WiFi and app connectivity spanning laundry to refrigerators to wall ovens and more, GE Appliances has made it easier than ever to start cycles, set timers, order supplies and start cooking from anywhere.

Just a few examples of the innovations and industry firsts from the leaders at GE Appliances and its partnerships with smart home leaders include:

  • Amazon Alexa voice control skills for a broad range of appliances.
  • Integration with Google Assistant across the entire GE Appliances suite of connected appliances, for simple and easy voice control.
  • Collaboration with Nest Protect, for real-time alerts sent to your smartphone from GE Appliances if your oven detects smoke, enhancing total home safety.
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment with connected laundry and connected dishwashers for easy replenishment of detergent and fabric softener.
  • IFTTT “If This Then That” platform.
  • Partnership with smart kitchen company Drop to bring new recipe intelligence to GE Appliances’ connected ovens.
  • Industry-exclusive wall oven cooking algorithms driven by connected technology to help optimize heat and airflow for the desired results.