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Laptop Security

Senforce Technologies today introduced centrally managed security software that enables IT managers to easily create, deploy, monitor and enforce computer security policies to protect invaluable corporate assets stored on mobile computing devices such as notebook and tablet computers. The Senforce Enterprise Mobile Security Manager (EMSM) consists of server and client software components that automatically recognize the location of a mobile device and enforce policies specific to the location, including locking down specific network-utilizing applications in areas of extreme sensitivity. Successful beta tests by federal agencies, leading universities, financial institutions and large enterprises have proven EMSM's ability to preserve the productivity benefits of mobile connectivity without compromising sensitive data residing on the mobile professional's computer.

"The growing mobile enterprise requires corporate security and IT managers to define new policies that will determine how mobile workers access their entire corporate network, or external wireless or wired environments," said Allan Thompson, president and chief executive officer of Senforce Technologies. "EMSM allows companies and institutions to unilaterally apply security policies to a global workforce by centrally creating and deploying mobile device security solutions in a highly scalable manner."

Enterprises recognize the productivity benefits of a mobile workforce and are encouraging a widespread transition from desktops to notebooks. Research firm Aberdeen group stated that, "Corporate PC planners are already set to buy three notebooks for every seven desktops this year in the United States(1)." WiFi is making it easier for enterprises to connect virtually anywhere. Jupiter Research wrote that, "57 percent of U.S. companies already support 802.11 networks, with an additional 22 percent planning to implement and support this technology in the next 12 months(2)."

The widespread use of mobile devices outside of the protection of enterprise firewalls has created unprecedented vulnerabilities for data residing on mobile devices. Corporate IT professionals and security departments are looking for new solutions to ensure safe computing. EMSM is the first security software available that enables enterprises to centrally manage and enforce security policies with little or no client-side configuration to protect data residing on a mobile device.

"Enterprises recognize the importance of corporate mobility to the bottom line," said John Pescatore, vice president for Internet Security at Gartner. "WiFi presents enterprises with the difficult challenge of integrating mobility into the business culture while protecting the company's assets. Smart IT managers will look for scaleable, managed policy enforcement solutions for mobile clients to meet this challenge."

Unlike traditional firewall technologies, Senforce EMSM operates as a network driver interface specification (NDIS) intermediate driver to provide security protection from the moment traffic enters the PC. Unsolicited traffic is dropped at the lowest levels of the protocol stack, protecting against protocol-based attacks including unauthorized port scans, distributed denial-of-service attacks and others.

EMSM's NDIS intermediate driver technology is also Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certified and signed for Windows XP and Windows 2000, meeting additional rigorous quality standards set forth by Microsoft.

EMSM allows IT professionals to centrally administer the creation and distribution of security policies by defining how users communicate in mobile environments. With EMSM, IT managers can determine which hardware users communicate with, which applications users can run, and which wireless network access points (NAPs) they can see and use. EMSM employs multiple patent-pending technologies to provide this level of communication management.

Senforce developed a new type of security architecture to power Enterprise Mobile Security Manager and provide IT departments a powerful, scalable policy enforced client security tool that helps secure enterprise mobile data wherever it goes.

Senforce Technologies develops location-aware security software for enterprise mobile computing.