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Color Management

As digital imaging goes mainstream, color display and output increasingly determine customer satisfaction. With almost half the country owning digital cameras, Datacolor has introduced two products in this category. ColorVision ColorPlus ensures accurate monitor color while ColorVision Spyder2Plus puts monitor color in sync with printer output. Both products are the latest additions to the Pantone ColorVision family.

SpyderTV, the most exciting innovation showcased by Datacolor at CES, targets one of the fastest growing markets in consumer electronics worldwide - home theater. Based on the company's award-winning colorimeter, Spyder2, the new product dramatically improves the image on home theater displays. The hardware device scientifically measures contrast, brightness, color, tint and color temperature presets as the wizard-driven software fine-tunes settings for consumers' specific systems. The results can be dramatic, as owners participate in each critical correction and witness images improving on screen right before their eyes.

"SpyderTV is the first product that takes the guesswork out of improving home theater displays. It, along with the ColorVision product line, reflects the convergence taking place in consumer electronics. As this evolution embraces every form of communication, our job is to make sure that color stays true as we move across media," states Brian Levey of Datacolor.