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The first clothes care system with washer to dryer communication just got smarter. The GE Profile Harmony Clothes Care System now contains both English and Spanish options on the LCD washer and dryer touch screens.

The Harmony system continues to have the largest capacity washer and the fastest premium dryer on the market and now offers more features to make laundry easier and more efficient.

Consumers can now view clothes during the cleaning process without opening the lid or stopping the wash cycle with the new see-through HydroView tempered glass lid. The washer lid matches the reversible king-sized glass dryer door. Additional touch screen upgrades include a new Washer Recommended Cycle for quick recall of settings for the just-washed load.

An internal water heater increases water temperature to improve wash performance of particularly tough stains on loads like white cottons.

The stain-removal system now offers more than eighty common stain problem selections, optimizing wash cycles based on stain type, fabric and garment color.

The four cubic foot stainless steel washer basket makes room for more items, which means fewer loads per week. The adaptive high spin speed means better water extraction and less dry time. But high speed does not mean sacrificing gentle clothes care.

Harmony's washer delivers front load wash performance with top load convenience. Instead of an agitator, a system gently and thoroughly cleans clothes so they look newer longer. Using centrifugal force, the centrifusion wash action gently pulls detergent solution throughout the clothing, and a rotating basket and infusor provide gentle cleaning action resulting in less wear and tear.

A dispenser system releases the detergent, fabric softener, additives and bleach at just the right time.

This Energy Star washer is in harmony with the environment. Water levels are matched to load size, resulting in water and energy savings. Harmony uses up to 42 percent less water than a traditional topload machine and up to 50 percent less energy than the DOE energy conservation standard. Plus, it meets 2007 energy standards.

The HydroWash system uses as little as 17 gallons of water for a small load and an average of 24 gallons for an average-sized load. The Harmony washer also meets the criteria to earn the Consortium for Energy Efficiency 3A Tier rating, one of the highest efficiency ratings possible.

The LCD touch screens make it easy for anyone in the family to do the laundry. The washer communicates electronically with the dryer, which then presets dry cycles for better clothes care, increased time savings and greater convenience. Users simply select a wash cycle based on how their laundry is sorted and press start. At the end of the wash cycle, the washer communicates information about the wash load electronically to the dryer, helping eliminate the guesswork in the laundry room.

Harmony's dryer features the DuoDry system which quickly and consistently dries all types of clothes. The system uses two motors to maintain proper airflow and control tumbling action to ensure fast, even drying. Two electronic moisture sensors and two thermistors help prevent under or over drying. An adaptive cool down phase at the end of the dry cycle tumbles clothes with cool air to reduce wrinkling. The dryer delivers outstanding performance whether the venting system is very short or up to 150 feet long of equivalent ducting.

The spacious 7.3 cubic foot stainless steel dryer drum handles king-sized items and family-sized loads. The huge dryer door opening is the largest in the industry, making loading and unloading a breeze.

This attractive high-end laundry pair includes curved, interchangeable control panels, is available in dark platinum or white, and costs $2000.