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Centralizing control of corporate and retail computing environments


Circuit City has selected Marimba's Client Management and Server Management products to address its in-store software change management activities.

Circuit City has been using Marimba's solutions at its corporate facilities since April 2002 to streamline the management of desktop and laptop systems. Marimba's products allow Circuit City to further consolidate the management of corporate and retail computing environments to reduce the total cost of ownership and administrative overhead required to support disparate systems.

Circuit City is one of the nation's leading consumer electronics retailers, producing approximately $10 billion in annual sales. The company's retail stores, service centers and distribution outlets are located in 45 states, and feature a mix of applications, operating systems and networks. Circuit City cited scalability, commercial grade automation, and ease of use as key factors for standardizing on Marimba's software change management platform.

Marimba's software change management offerings create a centralized process for distributing applications and content across a network of servers. Marimba's inventory scanning and near real-time reporting capabilities allow a network administrator to accurately track software and hardware configurations regardless of the desktop, laptop or server's location. In addition, implementing targeted deployments and operating in a lights out environment with Marimba's solutions help to minimize the impact on desktop users and reduce server downtime related to software and content updates. As a result, an IT organization can gain greater control during all planning, preparation and execution phases.