Yenra : Computer Forensics : CD Shredder : Slices 12 CDs or DVDs a minute into small pieces in order to protect confidential personal and business information

Disc Shredder

Primera's DS360 Disc Shredder is a compact and heavy-duty shredder that ensures business and personal security by cutting up CDs and DVDs so that they can no longer be read.

DS360 has a 5-inch top-fed slot to insert discs. It shreds up to 12 CDs or DVDs per minute. It can also easily shred a variety of other media such as credit cards, financial and bank documents and up to seven sheets of folded paper in a single pass. The DS360 turns discs and these other items into useless 1/8 by 1-3/8 inch shreds. An integrated eight-liter wastebasket is built-in for easy disposal.

"Products like the DS360 Disc Shredder protect businesses and consumers from theft of their confidential information," said Mark D. Strobel, Primera Technology's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "When your CDs and DVDs are no longer needed, but contain data that is too sensitive to throw away, you can now protect yourself and your business by simply shredding them into unidentifiable pieces."

The DS360 Disc Shredder sells for $129.95.

Primera Technology develops and manufactures CD-R/DVD+/-R duplication and printing equipment.