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Automatic Litter Box

Lucky Litter's ScoopFree automatic litter box allows cat lovers to leave their kitty litter box alone for up to thirty days, revolutionizing cat care.

"It's a completely hands-free litter box for up to thirty days -- no scooping, no cleaning, no emptying or refilling," said Lucky Litter President Alan Cook.

"We are pleased with the positive consumer response to the new ScoopFree automatic litter box. It revolutionizes litter box care with unprecedented convenience and odor control," said Eddy Roddick of Costco.

"With nothing to scoop or clean and nothing to refill, ScoopFree will change the way people think about and care for their cats," Cook said.

Scoop Free uses a disposable cat litter cartridge that comes with Fresh Step Crystals cat litter in an exclusive licensing arrangement with the Clorox Pet Products Company.

"We are pleased to have signed an agreement with Lucky Litter," said Steve Silberblatt of Clorox. "Lucky Litter is the first company we have licensed to use the Fresh Step brand name and the Fresh Step Crystals cat litter formula which, versus other crystal litters, provides unbeatable odor control."

The ScoopFree automatic litter box is totally automatic, maintenance-free, and hands-off between monthly litter cartridge changes. An infrared beam starts a countdown timer after a cat leaves the box. The Fresh Step Crystals cat litter immediately begins to lock in odor, absorb wetness and dry out solid waste. After twenty minutes, the ScoopFree rake automatically moves solids into a covered trap built into the cartridge. The rake also quietly grooms and smoothes the litter, leaving no waste behind that might cause odor.

"We are so confident that cats and cat lovers will both be pleased with ScoopFree's flawless performance -- month after month, year after year -- that we offer the most comprehensive consumer guarantee and warranty in the industry," Cook said. Lucky Litter offers a 90-day no-questions-asked guarantee that allows consumers to return the litter box to Lucky Litter for a full refund and a one-year warranty on replacement parts and repair.

"The Scoop Free litter box is fantastic," said cat lover Amy Duncan. "It takes so little effort to keep things clean and fresh."

ScoopFree uses Fresh Step odor absorbing crystals.