Yenra : Shared Prayers : Repeated Prayer


Dear God and Mother Mary, I'm praying for myself, my family, my love one, my friends, and my enemies. Please forgive our sins.Whenever I pray and close to You, I feel safe and I believe that You will help us from our sins. Amen
Dear lord, I wish to share a prayer. Though I am not a catholic, and thus must be a heretic, and though you forsake me at the harvest when others were accepted into your loving embrace, I still wish to share this wish with you and your followers. Lord, I pray that someday man will adopt a basic morality: to enjoy his life and do good to others. That he may be comfortable in his actions so long as they do not hurt others. And I pray that we be given the foresight to anticipate that which is supernatural to our normal lives. For this world is a strange place lord, and I feel alone in it. In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Amen.
God, my life has been a journey one with many bumps in the road but I try to do unto others. 8 years ago I believed my heart had been broken for the last and final time. I trusted no man, for they had all hurt me and left me in the end....... Then one day 3 months ago my soul mate appears on my door step..... he some how sensed it as well. He asked me out and for some reason I said yes, even though I had not in so long. I truly believe in love at first sight now because that is how I feel about him. He is a hard working man who is also getting his masters degree and has taken in his two God Children to raise and now fights to keep them. I know he loves me, I feel it. We finish each others sentences, we say things at the exact same time, I sense when he's about to call or come by, I know when there is something wrong before he tells me - we are so much alike this wonderful man and I, although I am a few years older which is why his family has told him not to be with me, so he lets them think we are not seeing each other. I only see him minutes a week because of work, school and his family, but I told him I will wait for him till he is done with school because I believe in us and I want more than anything to love, marry and have a child with this man. "this may sound normal to you" but I have never wanted children and had given up on love and marriage. There is something about this man that makes me feel whole, makes me understand what the circle of life is and want it more than I have ever wanted anything in my life before. Lord please help me know if this is meant to be, please help me have the strenght to love this man and the patience to wait for him - oh and Lord please let him believe in me and the love and respect I have for him and let him know that I accept him and everything about him and don't look at them as problems but as a life with him, which is what I want above all. Thank you Lord for allowing me to find this site to write this..........
A good kind man that I love and respect more than any other I have ever met and feel as if I have waited a life time to find him has some difficult times ahead of him; he was blessed with the responsibility of taking his two God Children in to raise because his brother and wife are not able to physically or mentaly. Now another family member has decided to fight him for custody of the kids. Please help me pray for him, that he will not loose these kids he loves so and that he will come back home to me and know I love, respect and accept him and his family and all that he is. I love this man, and can't bear to see him loose these kids.........
God, I am financially hitting rock bottom, I am still in so much pain, and cant go back to work. I need something to let me know I am going to be ok. My kids are counting on me to take care of them, but I have no way of knowing how I am going to get the next dollar to feed or pay my bills. Stay with me Lord and guide me to the right direction. Show me what my purpose in life is. I am ready to be what you want me to be. Help me dont turn your back on me Lord
Lord, please stay with you at this confused time in my life. I am so overwhelmed with mixed feelings. I have no idea what is going on. My heart aches and my head is so confused. I am missing V so much, but at the same time I want M in my life. I know things will never be the same with me and V. I dont trust him or feel safe with him, But I still want the best for him, I know he is sad and confused too, especially with this lifestyle he is in. And with M, I know I am falling in love with him, but I am still a little afraid. He is going through a tough time as well too. I gave V a chance to come back, and its been 7 almost 8 months to come back, and now that I am falling in love with M, he is starting to call. Help me Dear Lord, dont let me choose. Give me the courage to know whom is better and will make my life happier. for my kids as well. I am so full of pain, help me In the name of Jesus...AMEN
Glory to God in the highest. And on earth peace to men of good will. We praise You. We bless You. We adore you. We glorify You. We give You thanks for Your great glory. O Lord God, heavenly King, God the Father almighty. O Lord Jesus Christ, the Only-begotten Son. O Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father: you Who take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. You Who take away the sins of the world, receive our prayer. You Who sit at the right hand of the Father, have mercy on us. For you alone are holy. You alone are the Lord. You alone, O Jesus Christ, are most high. Together with the Holy Spirit in the glory of God the Father. Amen.
Dear St. Dymphna, you gave us an example in your own life of firm faith. Neither flattery, earthly rewards nor the threat of death caused you to waver in your fidelity to God. Please help us then, amid the uncertainties of life, to imitate your wholehearted dedication to Christ. Be good enough to come to our aid in our need, and pray for us to God. Amen.
Dear St. Anthony, you recall the Gospel episode about the blind man who, partly healed, could see men "looking like walking trees." After a second laying-on of Jesus's hands, he could see perfectly. St. Anthony, Restorer of Sight to the Blind, please sharpen my spiritual vision. May I see people, not as trees or numbers, but as sons and daughters of the Most High. Help me in my pressing needs. (Name your special intentions.)
PRAYER BEFORE STUDYING Lord, true source of light and wisdom give me a keen sense of understanding, a retentive memory and the capacity to grasp things correctly. Grant me the grace to be accurate in my expositions and the skill to express my self with thoroughness and clarity. Be with me at the start of my work, guide it's progress and bring it to completion. Grant this through christ our LORD. AMEN. Lord, let me always remember that nothing can happen today that YOU and I connot handle together. Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, Pray for us. San Lorenzo Ruiz, Pray for us. Blessed Padre Pio, Pray for us.
Dear God, thank you for giving me another day and my parents. give me the srenght I need to help my hurting heart. I really miss Robert. I ask for your forgiveness for all the wrong things I did to him. I promise to be a better person please help me accomplish this with your love. I still can not move on and I pray that you help me. if Robert is the right person for me please send me a sign. if not please help me get him out of my heart and mind becuase it r4ally depresses me and disturbs me. God i leave my life and heart in your hands. Love Lorena
JOY " has come to the right of heart." Ps 96:11 God sends happiness to those who turn to Him...those who seek His grace and His will....those who understand their littleness and His greatness....those who rely on Him this day and not themselves. Amen
St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come near; I've lost something precious and dear.
Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.
Novena to St.Anthony for Anything: O Holy St.Anthony, Gentlest of Saints. Your love of God and charity for His creatures made you worthy when on earth, to possess miraculous powers which you are ever ready to speak for those in trouble or anxiety. Inspired by this thought, I implore you to obtain for me,(request). The answer to my prayer may require a miracle but you are the Saint of Miracles. O Holy St.Anthony, please whisper my petition into the ears of the Sweet Infant Jesus, and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Amen
Dear St. Anthony, how tongue-tied I can be when I should be praising God and defending the oppressed. My cowardice often strikes me dumb; I am afraid to open my mouth. St. Anthony, Restorer of Speech to the Mute, release me from my fears. Teach me to praise God and to champion the rights of those unjustly treated. Please remember also all my intentions. (Name them.) Saint Anthony, Restorer
i am asking God for prayer for my children and a home. Lord i know that hardship is supposed to give us strength, but iam feeling a little weak please lift us up
Dear God I know I ask for your help with Robert I trust you and know you will do what is best for me and him. please help me accept the fact that it is over and help me move on with my feelings I dont like the hurt I feel inside. I have to stop crying.....please sent me a sign I feel confused. I know I should not feel lonely becuase I have you and my parents, but I know you ubderstand me and why I feel this way ...polease help me. Do whats best for me and give me the strength to accept it. God also help Ribert find his happiness if it is with someone else...then let it be....and if he thinks its me bring him back.......I will put all I got not to make the mistakes from past again I know you know I'm trying through the things I do. Lord hear my prayer. Love Lorena
A Covenant with God: O my God, all my desire is before Thee, but, inasmuch as the necessities of life prevent the constant application of my mind to Thy praise, I make with Thee this covenant, desiring that it may remain in force throughout my whole life. With every beating of my heart; at every temptation; every time that I shall pass before a Cross or a church; whenever I meet anyone; every time I breathe, or move, or speak, or act, or work, or suffer, or pray, or eat, or drink, or rest, or recreate, I desire and intend to offer Thee, as many times as there are seconds in the day, grains of sand on earth, and particles in the air, all the merits of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, His fasting and penances, His Sacred Passion and Most Precious Blood, His humiliations and death; all the Masses that have been or ever will be celebrated; all the merits of most BLESSED VIRGIN MARY and those of all the Saints; the labors of all Apostles, the blood of Martyrs, the purity of Virgins, the austerities of Penitents, the prayers of our Holy Mother the Church; in a word, all meritorious works that have been, or ever will be performed until the end of time. This offering I make to Thee, O my God, in order to obtain the pardon of all my sins; those of my parents, friends, and enemies; those of all infidels, heretics, jews, and all bad Christians; for the triumph of Thy Holy Church, the accomplishment of Thy Holy Will upon earth as in Heaven; the acquisition of all virtues, especially, N.N.; the grace of a happy death; and the deliverance of all the Souls in Purgatory, for whom I desire to gain all possible indulgences. By this offering, I desire to thank Thee for all the natural and supernatural benefits, known and unknown graces that have been, or that shall be granted to myself, to my relations and friends, and to all mankind, even until the end of time. In a word, I desire to make of the remainder of my life one long act of love, hoping in this manner to offer some reparation for the time I have lost in Thy service, and to render to Thy Infinite Majesty all the glory of which Thou has been despoiled." Persons who have not much time to devote to prayer, will find in the above an easy means of accumulating merits for eternity, and of drawing down an abundance of graces and blessings upon themselves and upon all mankind. This prayer is to be worn next to their heart, or with their scapulars, and each time the hand is placed upon it the intention is renewed. God asks nothing more. Would that this pious practice be adopted by all Christians! With Ecclesiastical Approbation
Father in heaven, I thank you for your conruntless favors to me today and in all my past. I am grateful for the silent inspirations of your Holy Spirit and the assistance He lends my human weakness and instability. I know my prayers and petitions are present before you, and rely confidently on your granting my requests I ask for your powerful and far-seeing goodness. I ask above all for the special favor of remaining ever faithful to the teachings of you only Son, Jesus Christ, who lives and rules with you in union with the Holy spirits, one God, now and for all the ages to come. Amen I keep praying -
Praise God!
St. Therese, thanks for answering all of my petitions! MAS
St. Jude, thanks for answering all of my petitions! MAS
O Mother of Perpetual Help, thanks for answering all of my petitions! MAS
O Mother of Perpetual Help, Pray for Us!
The Twenty-four "Glory be to the Father's" novena can be said at any time. However, the ninth to the seventeenth of the month is particularly recommended, for on those days the petitioner joins in prayer with all those making the novena. Between the Glory Be's, say "Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, pray for us."
Most faithful St. Dymphna, you remained true to your baptismal promises to the very end. You are, therefore, honored, known, and loved after 1,400 years by people you have aided all over the world. We do not know how long or short a time is left to us of this life here, but help us in any case to be faithful to God to the end. Please gain for us the grace to live one day at a time as if each were to be our last. Amen.
Dear St. Anthony, I am imprisoned by walls of selfishness, prejudice, suspicion. I am enslaved by human respect and the fear of other people's opinions of me. St. Anthony, Liberator of Prisoners, tear down my prison walls. Break the chains that hold me captive. Make me free with the freedom Christ has won for me. To your powerful intercession I also recommend these intentions. (Name them.)
Pray to Padre Pio...a recently cannonized saint who is known for miracles. Many sites online
Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, I Love You. I place my trust in You.Amen
I live through the mercy of Jesus, to whom I owe everything and from whom I expect everything. Oh Heart of Love, I place all my trust in Thee, for I fear al things from my own weakness, but I hope for all things from Thy goodness. Love of Jesus, fill us. Holy Spirit, guide us. Will of the Father, be done. Amen
O God, who knowerst us to be set in the midst or such great perils, that by reason of the weakness of our nature we cannot stand upright, grant us such health of mind and body that those evils which we suffer for our sins we may overcome through Thine assistance through Christ our Lord. Amen
The Word of the Lord:" What you believe will be done for you." (Matt. 8:13) Lord God almighty, I believe in Christ's promises. Please increase my faith even more, I implore you, so that my request may be granted in spite of my many sins. In the name of Christ, your Son and our Lord, I ask this favor of your. Amen Please hear our prayers on this site. -
O Mother of Perpetual Help, Pray for Us!
Most pure virgin, St. Dymphna, we live at a time when many are intent on satisfying every carnal appetite. Your single-minded dedication to Christ alone is providential and inspiring. Please help us by your power with God to see life in proportion as you did. With your aid we propose to perform all our actions for a pure motive, and promptly to resist all our evil inclinations. Amen.
Dear St. Anthony, you took the words of Jesus seriously, "Be perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect." The Church honors you as a Christian hero, a man wholly dedicated to God's glory and the good of the redeemed. St. Anthony, Model of Perfection, ask Jesus to strengthen my good dispositions and to make me more like you, more like Him. Obtain for me the other favors I need. (Name them.)
ST. ANTHONY SAINT OF MIRACLES O Holy St. Anthony, reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand. Assure me that I am not alone. You are known to possess miraculous powers and to be ever ready to speak for those in trouble. Loving and gentle St. Anthony, reach down from heaven I implore you and assist me in my hour of need. Obtain for me (mention your request here). Dearest St. Anthony, reach down from heaven and guide me with thy strength. Plead for me in my needs. And teach me to be humbly thankful as you were for all the bountiful blessings I am to receive. Amen.
Feast Day Sept 23rd for Padre Pio O Glorious Saint Pio, bearing the wounds of Christ you generously accepted your sufferings, and labored faithfully for the good of all souls. Help me to embrace that same attitude of acceptance in my life. With confidence, I ask for your intercession to obtain the grace of (make your request) which I ardently deisre. If it is not, however God's will that this should come to pass, then help me to find serenity and joy in God's choices for me. Amen
O,God of soul, blessed among the prayers we heal this days, let me offer my heart and my kindness to you. Surround me with angles of God, so kind to you heal me. Touch my body to give us unity of Holy spirit. Amen
O,God of soul, blessed among the prayers we heal this days, let me offer my heart and my kindness to you. Surround me with angles of God, so kind to you heal me. Touch my body to give us unity of Holy spirit. Amen
The Word of the Lord: "Ask, you will receive; seek, you shall find; knock, and the door will be opened to you." (Matt. 7:7) Lord God, I will continue to ask, to seek and to knock, as Christ, your Son, instructed us. With faith in your love of us and with confidence in our Savior's promises I keep asking, seeking, and knocking in His name for the favor I so much need. Amen.
My Lord, I need help. I need you. I am at this moment so afraid of what is going to happen to me and my kids. Please give me your guidance and stay with me always. I need you so much in my life. show me a miracle please. I need you so much. Dont let me be out in the streets. Help me Lord, I beg you. In the name of Jesus AMEN