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A Prayer for You: Father, in the Name of Jesus, bless the one reading this in a special way.Open supernatural doors in their life today. Save and set free! Give them a double portion of your Spirit as we take back everything that the devil has stolen: Emotional Health, Physical Health, Finances, Relationships, Children, Jobs, Homes, Marriages. I cancel every plot, plan and scheme the enemy has devised against them, in the MATCHLESS NAME OF JESUS. And I declare: NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THEM WILL PROSPER. I speak LIFE into every dead situation. And, I thank you that nothing is over until YOU say it's over! I speak prophetically into their lives and to their situations: Their household is blessed; Their health is blessed; Their marriage is blessed; Their finances are blessed; Their jobs are blessed; Their children are blessed; Their grandchildren are blessed; Their parents are blessed; Their siblings are blessed; Their ministries are blessed; and, Their decisions are blessed. Husbands are on the way; Wives are on the way; Mortgages are paid and cancelled; Their hearts desires are on the way; according to YOUR perfect will and plan for their lives. IN JESUS' NAME! AMEN! ****Pray this prayer back to the one who prayed it for you, then send to people you know. Within hours countless people will have prayed for you, and you will have caused a multitude of people to pray to God for other people.**** Hope you all like this prayer I got from a forum! =)
My thanks and prayers to Our Lord Jesus, Our Blessed Mother Mary and Our Father, All the Saints and the Holy spirit.
Prayer to Saint Rita Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita, you were humble, pure and patient. Your pleadings with your divine Spouse are irresistible, so please obtain for me from our risen Jesus the request I make of you: {mention your petition}. Be kind ot me for the greater glory of God, and I shall honor you and sing your praises forever. Glorious Saint Rita, you miraculously participated in the sorrowful passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain for me now the grace to suffer with resignation the troubles of this life, and protect me in all my needs. Amen.
Prayer to Guardian Angel Guardian Angel from heaven so bright, Watching beside me to lead me aright, Fold thy wings round me, and guard me with love, Softly sing songs to me of heaven above. Amen
NOVENAS The Novena consists of prayers or spiritual exercises for nine consecutive days. The great value of a Novena is based on the revealed fact that prayer is both necessary and effective. The more we pray, the better off we are. Experience attests to the fact that we can get ourselves to pray more faithfully when we set a definite time and occasion for prayer. The first Novena was made by the Apostles as they awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost. There have been countless graces and favors bestowed on the faithful who have made novenas to Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints. Our Lord chooses to favor those who commit themselves to fervent and persevering prayer. The Dominican Friars conduct five Solemn Novenas each year at the Shrine: Jan. 25 - Feb. 2 . . . . . . In honor of the Infant of Prague May 3 - May 11.. . . . .In honor of Our Lady of Fatima July 18 - July 26 . . . . . . . . . .In honor of St. Anne Aug. 23 - Aug 31 . . . . . . . . . . . . . In honor of St. Thérèse Oct. 19 - Oct. 28 . . . . . . . . . . . . . In honor of St. Jude Also, the following Novena of Masses will be offered: March 31 - April 8.. . . . . . . . . . .Easter May 12 - May 20 . . . . . . . . . Mother's Day June 16 - June 24 . . . . . . . . . . . . Father's Day November. . . . .. . . . All Souls Remembrance December 25 - Jan 2 . . . . . . . . . Christmas INFANT OF PRAGUE NOVENA PRAYER O Child Jesus, I have recourse to you by your holy mother; I implore you to assist me in this necessity, for I firmly believe your Divinity can assist me. I confidently hope to obtain your holy grace. I love you with my whole heart and my whole soul. I am heartily sorry for my sins, and entreat you, O Good Jesus, to give me strength to overcome them. I am firmly resolved never to offend you again and to suffer everything rather than displease you. Henceforth, I wish to serve you faithfully. For love of you, O Divine Child, I will love my neighbor as myself. O Jesus, Omnipotent Child, I entreat you again to come to my assistance in this necessity: (remember your petitions) O Divine Child, and still the great, omnipotent God, I implore you through your most holy Mother's most powerful intercession and through the boundless mercy of your omnipotence as God, for a favorable answer to the intention I so earnestly ask for in this novena. Grant me the grace of possessing you eternally with Mary and Joseph, and of adoring you with your holy angels and saints. O Divine Infant of Prague Hear my prayer and grant my petition Let us pray: O miraculous Infant Jesus, prostrate before your sacred image, we beseech you to cast a merciful look on our troubled hearts. Let your tender heart, so inclined to pity, be softened by our prayers, and grant us that grace for which we ardently implore you. Take from us all affliction and despair, all trials and misfortunes with which we are laden. For your Sacred Infancy's sake hear our prayers and send us consolation and aid, that we may praise you with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.
Thank you Saint Therese for sending me a sign that my prayers will be granted. I am forever grateful
Thank you Jesus, Sacred Heart of Jesus for sending me the sign I was looking for to let me know you are going to grant me my prayers me to get over all the bad habits..and speak to him..please god... please
Dear St. Therese, the flower child of Jesus I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being with me. Thank you for all the prayers you have answered. I continue to pray to you every day and ask that you hear my prayers. Thank you for blessing us with your love.
As I rise today, May the strength of God pilot me, The power of God uphold me, The wisdom of God guide me, The eye of God look before me, The ear of God hear me, The word of God speak for me, The hand of God protect me, The way of God lie before me, The shield of God defend me, The Host of God save me. May Christ shield me today, Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit and when I stand, Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me, In the mouth of everyone who speaks of me, In every eye that sees me, and in every ear that hears me. (St Patrick)
Thank you St. Anthony and Most Blessed Virgin of Mt. Carmel for hearing and interceding on behalf of my prayers for the healing of my beloved mother. Thank you Divine Infant Jeusus of Prague for granting my prayers for her healing and protection. I give God thanks and praise.
St Jude, please work a miracle. please be with my boyfriends dad and make him healthier. please help him get through his operation and recover. Please hear my prayers and answer me. i ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Thank you Saint Therese for granting me my prayers.
St. Gerard. I just want to Thank You for taking my prayer up to God and answering it. I ask you that you continue to guide me through this pregnancy and that the test I did today is positive as I know it is. I Thank you with all my heart. Amen!
St.Jude. I just want to say Thank You for my prayers being answered. I continue to pray to you and ask you that the test I did today is positive and that all goes well as I know it will. Again, Thank you with all my heart. Amen !!
Thank you Jesus for granting me all my prayers now and forever, praise you Jesus.