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Novena Prayer to Our Lady of Good Remedy
thank you Holy Mother of God for answering my prayer.
Thank you dear Blessed Mother of Jesus. You were there for my family in many instances and I love you and Thank the Lord for sharing you with us.
God thank you, I'm alive for my terrible car train accident and I haven't lost my determination. and have good family and friends. God I ssk a handicap and ederly persons is doing well
Lord, I thank you for answering my prayers that peace would come to my family. I thank you Lord that I will have the chance to know my three nephews. I pray the youngest nephew will be able to forgive us for not being in his life. Lord, you have given my brother a wonderful gift and I will continue to pray that he truly is sincere and his sons will be able to share in his life that will reflect an earnest desire to serve You. Lord, my family has gone through many tough times not being able to depend on one another; we were so busy being a member of the world and not members of God's family. I prayed that Your will be done not ours and always prayed that if it was good for my soul You would make it happen. Thank you Lord this peace amongest us is good for my soul and You directed us all to find one another in peace. Our Dad, Matthew must be a happy residence in heaven to see his children finally reaching out to one another and making a connection that is inspired by God Almighty. May others who read this message also feel the love and the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Thank You Lord for the wonderful gift that You gave.I love You and million of thanks for cares for me and the one that I love. Peace!
Thank you Lord for answering my prayers... Amen
You and your Dad are still and will continue to be in my prayers. I have said several novenas and have lots of faith. God Bless you, Your Dad and everyone.
Blessed Mother,I once asked for a merical and I recievd it, you send me two. That was 12 years ago, to this day I am grateful. I come to you again to ask for another two, very large also not impossible in your eyes, Plesae send me a special man to life soon. I also want to move up in the company so I can get a place for me and the chidlren on our own..Please blessed Mother I know that you can hear me you have never let me down, guide him towards me soon, my heart awaits for him. Thank you
A payer to prevent one mortal sin. If everyday we begged Mary for grace to hinder one mortal sin. What a year's service to God and souls. O Mary, Immaculate Mother of Jesus, we beseech you, offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of your Divine Son, to prevent at least one morttal sin from being committed somewhere in the world to-day. Amen
Please share a prayer for me. I am a single mother of two and I am praying to get my own store soon. I want to be out on my own with my own children so bad, I want to be able to feed them and clothes them on my own with out help from anyone. Please pray that this will happen soon. With prayers nonting is impossible, and with your help I will be so ever grateful and you will always and forver be in my prayers and heart.. (S)
Jesus ,I love You ,save souls .
Dear Little Infant Child of Jesus please bring my dad and I a miracle this coming week that the Judge will bring down his judgement before the Courts close for the Christmas recess so that my Dad can have a happy Christmas for once. Please let the judgement be in his favour and that the matter will be over after a number of years of torture of my Dad by my brother. I pleased with all the saints and angels for this miracle. God Blesss and keep all on this site safe and well over the Christmas and in 2002. Please let there be peace and no more suffering for everybody. God bless the children of the world they are our future. St Theresa I love you and hope for the miracles I have prayed so very hard for. Sacred Heart of Jesus protect and bless us all. M.
St Teresa,St Jude, Please help me be patience while you all locate my soul mate, the man that will love me and my children.. Please send him soon....Thank you
Please say a prayer for my baby girl Sharon and myslef and my famlie. I would also like to share a prayer for my boyfriends brother who dided before i started going out with my boyfriend but from listening to him and his ma i feel i know this chap in many ways. I know that it is eating my boyfriend his ma and his famlie up so my touhgts and prayers are with them
Please say a prayer for my baby girl Sharon and myslef and my famlie. I would also like to share a prayer for my boyfriends brother who dided before i started going out with my boyfriend but from listening to him and his ma i feel i know this chap in many ways. I know that it is eating my boyfriend his ma and his famlie up so my touhgts and prayers are with them
Please say a Prayer for my Nana she is unwell at this time
Please share a prayer for my Grandad who died 9 years ago although he is not here in body i feel he is here in many other ways. Like when i was in having my baby my waters would not breake and i feel that he was there through every thing why i think if it were not for him i would not be here. So if you could share a prayer for him i would love it. We all miss him very much. (Died The 14th of December 1993)
Please share a prayer for me. My boyfriend and I broke up. We care deeply for each other, but he feels I deserve more than what he can give me. I love him deeply and am so very lost without him. Please pray for us and have him see that we need each other so. Thank you so much. MAP
St. Therese, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Rita and Guardian Angels, thank you for letting me pray to you, for your patience, and for not letting me give up hope. Thank you for sharing my prayers with our Blessed Father so that Shawn finally becomes a good man to me and our family. Whisper to him, encourage and teach him commitment, loyalty, and happiness. I am always thankful for you being by our sides.
NOVENA PRAYER TO SAINT PHILOMENA - Ver. 1 O FAITHFUL VIRGIN, and glorious martyr, St. Philomena, who works so many miracles on behalf of the poor and sorrowing, have pity on me. Thou knowest the multitude and diversity of my needs. Behold me at thy feet, full of misery, but full of hope. I entreat thy charity, O Great Saint! Graciously hear me and obtain from God a favorable answer to the request which I now humbly lay before thee... (Here specify your petition). I am firmly convinced that through thy merits, through the scorn, the sufferings and death of Jesus, thy Spouse, I shall obtain what I ask of thee, and in the joy of my heart I will bless God, Who is admirable in His Saints. Amen. Thank You. S.G.
Heavenly Father Forgive us our sins and our trespass we humbly ask you to help and bless those people in need of your support your confort, healing, powers. Please look down upon us and all who implore your help with favor. AMEN
Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony "Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints" O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures, made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers. Encouraged by this thought, I implore you to obtain for me (request). O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms; and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Amen. Thank You. Sherryann Gioeli
Miraculous Invocation to Saint Thérèse O glorious Saint Thérèse, whom Almighty God has raised up to aid and counsel mankind, I implore your Miraculous Intercession. So powerful are you in obtaining every need of body and soul our Holy Mother Church proclaims you a "Prodigy of Miracles ... the Greatest Saint of Modern Times." Now I fervently beseech you to answer my petition (mention here) and to carry out your promises of spending Heaven doing good upon earth ... of letting fall from Heaven a Shower of Roses. Henceforth, dear Little Flower, I will fulfil your plea "to be made known everywhere" and I will never cease to lead others to Jesus through you. Amen. Thank You S.G.
Please pray for Christopher in Ireland. He is 83 and needs a miracle. Please dear God watchover my Dad and I. St Martin DePorres please please help us - the delays are causing my Dad anguish and he has been waiting for two years for the court to sort out my brother and his bulying antics towards my Dad who is a dear dear person and never did anything to deserve. St Theresa please protect us and grant the petition I have so earnestly prayed so hard for.
Please continue to pray for my Dad C and I. The legal submissions are now in and by brother was 4 weeks late and I am now worried that the Judge will not be able to bring down the judgement as he promises before Christmas. Please pray that somewhere God will slot a time before Christmas so that the trauma is over. I pray for my friends on this site especially the person who has given the encouragement to keep going. God Bless and here is a little rosary to the Infant Child Jesus of Prague who is very special to me and my Dad. I belive that she protected my Dad since 1985 when he had Colon cancer and surgery complications. I love the Infant Child Jesus of Prague and feel that she is on my shoulder 24 hours a day. Here is the little Rosary for you all to pray for your intentions. Love M. The Rosary You should pray this: Three times: "And the Word was made flesh... Our Father..." Once: "And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us" Twelve times: "Hail Mary..." Once: "Glory be to the Father..." Comment: The three "Our Father"s are in honour of the three members of the Holy Family. The twelve "Hail Mary"s are in memory of the childhood of Our Lord.
Please pray for priests that they may offer the mass with holy love and reverence
Lord Jesus, teach me to be generous; teach me to serve you as you deserve, to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labour and not to seek reward, except that of knowing that I do your will. (St. Ignatius of Loyola)
PRAYER FOR TRUST O Christ Jesus, when all is darkness and we feel our weakness and helplessness, give us the sense of your presence, your love, and your strength. Help us to have perfect trust in your protecting love and strengthening power, so that nothing may frighten or worry us, for living close to you, we shall see your hand, your purpose, your will through all things. St. Ignatius of Loyola
(S) Thank you for your considerate and kind words. May the Sacred Heart keep you safe. (J)
ST Jude, ST Teresa, Our Lady de Gudalupe, You have heard my prayers before and have answer them, and I have always thank you, to this day.. I am back to ask you for other prayers please.. 1. Help me move up into the company so I can move out with my children to our own home. 2. Always help (C) at schoool because she needs all the help she can get, she is slow.. 3. Please hear and answer everyones prayers soon, it would be nice before christmas. Help (J) and give some kind of sign, soon.. I thank you and love you always (S)
I am a twenty year old college student in hawaii. i have been suffering from dry eye syndrome and depression for over three years already. my eyes not only completely lack tears, but it is so small and of different size. i also have many scars on my face, hands, and legs. i really wish that i could have a little large healthy eyes, a normal size scarless face, and less scars on hands and legs. i actually have many other problems too, but i will be so happy if i could just have these wishes come true. please pray for me. thank so much.
I have completed my second novena to St Clare in 12 months and yet again my prayers haven't been answered. I do not pray for requests often but I pray every day to Our Lady and the Sacred Heart. I am shattered that my prayers haven't been answered - I will continue to pray but am feeling very let down. Saint Clare please answer my prayers. Your faithful servant - j
St Teresa, St Jude, Please put me into (O) head and help him make up his mind on what he wants from me, if he wants a relationship or not.. Please help him clear his mind tonight..becuase I am tired of the mind games,he eather wants me or not. Please help him make up his mind. thank you, always .........
Heavenly Teresa, Plesae pick for me a rose from our Fathers garden, and pass it on to me as I know that you answer my prayers, Please send me a soul mate a spcial man that wants a ready made family, a man that will call me just because. If (O) is the one for me please clear his path and show me a sign. Thank you always and forever...........
Is there any remover of difficulites save God? Say, "Praise be God, He is God. All are His servants and all abide by His bidding!"
O ! Mary ,i salute you and cherish you O! glory of the Holy Spirit. I adorn you. All I have is yours and yours I am and yours want to be , Do with me as desire. Amen
Papal prayer of consecretion to Mary: I am All thine O! Maria!!!!.
Jesus I love you, All I have is thine, Your i am Yours I want to be, Do with me what ever you will.
Thanks for your encouragement. I just rang my Dad and told him so many people are praying for us. He is confident which makes me feel weaker because I am supposed to be strong for him not the other way around. Pray that I sleep tonight - it is now almost 10pm so I am to bed. Sleep seems to be distant friend most nights but thank you. M.
Keep the faith, I am continuing to pray for you and your Dad. God and all the Saints will take care of you both. I am sure of that. St Therese hear our prayer. St Jude hear our prayer.
To my friends on this site who have been praying for my Dad C and I please continue to pray as the court case is still going on and I am worn out please pray that I will keep my faith in the God and the Angeles and Saints that they will grant the petitions I have made especially for my Dad. God Bless one and all. m.
Please God help everybody seeking your blessings on this site. St Theresa Little Flower, St Nicholas of Myra, St Martin De Porres, St Anthony, St. Barnabas, Infant Child Jesus of Prague, Mother Mary McKillop, Brother Mara, Br Edmund Rice and the other angels and saints please pray for my Dad and I. We need two blessings. Please also bless all the people seeking answers and miracles for their individual needs. Also, please pray that the Abortion Legislation will not be passed in Ireland. Bless all babies and children. m -
St Clare,St Teresa,St Jude, Please hear my prayers and place them in our fathers hands, Please send me my soul mate a man that wants a ready made family. Please send him soon. Please place my prayers in our Fathers hands and ask him to give me his blessings, soon.
Blessed Mother and Father God, please hear my prayer. I feel so depressed, lonely and confused. Only you know why. Help me Lord and Holy Mother to overcome these sorrowful and distressed emotions that I feel overwhelmed with. I need your strength to relieve this heavy heart of mine. Cover me with your precious blood Holy Spirit. I ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen and Amen.
St Teresa, Please hear my prayers and answer me soon......
Lord Hear Our Prayer for the young lady and her father. Let Dec 6 be a day of joy for them. Let them know and see your mercy and love. Keep them safe and protected. Mary Our Mother, Jesus, and Our Father, please be by their side. Thank you. Amen
NOVENA TO SAINT THERESE OF THE LITTLE FLOWER Saint Therese, the little Flower, please pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love. Ask God to grant me the favor I thee implore and tell Him I will love Him each day more and more. Say the above prayer, plus 5 Our Father's,5 Hail Mary's, and 5 Glory Be's must be said on 5 successive days, before 11 am. On the 5th day, the 5th set of prayers having been completed, offer one more set -- 5 Our Father's, 5 Hail Mary's and 5 glory Be's
Dear St. Joseph earthly father of our Lord Jesus, Please help us to sell our mothers house, find the buyers for us. Thank the Baby Jesus for us a tell him that we love him very much. I will continue to pray my prayer to you St. Joseph everyday every after we sell the house. Thank you so very much.
Please Lord Jesus Christ, please help my new born baby to feed well. He is not feeding from left breast. Please Lord Jesus Christ, please help me to feed my baby well. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus.
Prayer to the Infant of Prague. O Divine Child of Prague and still the great omnipotent God, I implore through Thy Most Holy Mother's most powerful intersession and through the boundless mercy of Thy omnipotence as God, for a favorable answer to the intention I so earnstly ask in this Novena. O Divine Child of Prague, hear my prayer and grant my petition. ( make request) Say this prayer three times. Then say one Our Fater and one Hail Mary. Amen
To Saint Jude, Holy Saint Jude,Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need. To you I have recourse from the depths of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me present and urgent petition, in return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. Saint Jude pray for us and all who invoke your aide. Amen Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys and 3 Glory Be Thank you Saint Jude for hearing and answering my prayer SK
Thank you st Gerard for your intercession and your wonders provided. thank you for the blessing of our child and please seek aid for us from the creator of life and beseech him to bless us with a child or children who we may raise in his name and as a child of heaven. amen.
most holy st jude, blessed mary mother of jesus, of the immaculate womb, loving mother of roses, please help us to maintain the two lives you have blessed us with on 10/31 and the second life created with your power and blessing, a second miracle, on 11.1, the day of honor to all saints day, and to bring them into this world in when they are prepared to leave the father. Most holy st jude pray for me and intercede for me you are my special and powerful patron. Amen. Please also, jesus, provide your blessing and comfort to all couples who are undergoing family and conception issues and help guide them through this dark tunnell, especially kw and bw. Please also watch over your angel sw as he undergoes a bone marrow transplant soon, from his sister, and for mrs h and mrs c, who struggle with cancer and are in need of prayers. help guide them with your light so they can know your glory and your comfort and praise you and your father in heaven. Amen.
thank you st jude for prayers answered on january 23, 2000 with the conception of our blessed angel on earth and on october 10th with her entrance into this earth. You are my special and powerful patron, and I greatfully encourage devotion to you. Amen.
I am praying to the Holy Mother that I may be granted the one blessing I have not had. I intend to pray through 12-25 that I may conceive a baby with my beloved husband. I am a recovering addict, wasted may years and am older but I want a child and pray to the Holy Mother that I may receive this blessing and praise Dear Jesus for staying with me during all the dark years, for His mercy and grace unto me and for my almost two years of recovery, "only say the Word and you shall be healed", thank you Father for helping me stay clean from drugs, for my dear, sweet husband and all your many blessings coming from you loving Sacred Heart, hear my prayers Holy Mother. Amen.
Say 9 Our Fathers and 12 Hailmarys to St Nicholas of Myra and finish with 1 Glory Be to the Father and ask for your special request. St Nicholas will, together with the Infant Child Jesus of Prague and all the saints and angels grant your request. God Bless everybody who is troubled and I will pray for your all and hope you will pray for my Christopher.
O, lord help those in your need, Amen.
Only you God could give your love to all who live. No matter our differences. Only you God could forgive our sins. You forgive us always for anything. Only you God would listen to our prayers. You wouldn't let a prayer go unheard. Only you God can hold us close in our times of need. You will never leave our side. Only you God could give your only son to die for us. So he could take away the sins of the world. Only you lord could do all this for us.
O Lord, have mercy on me and my family. Keep us free from illness, injury, sickness, disease and sin, especially cancer and aids. Please help us in our life, our work, our play. I ask this in Jesus's name. Amen.
Thank you for your prayers! A while back I requested your prayers regading business matters and they are being answered bit by bit everyday. Thank you for your support. It's wonderful to know that I can come to this site and help others and be helped by other through prayer. Thank You Again!
I had asked God to help me with the written test I was to undergo for a Job.My God has helped me to get through the written test and appear for the Job Interview which is to take place on oct 15.Please pray that I get through the interview and get selected for the job and also for all my family members. Thank You Lord Praise You Lord!!!
for world peace
Dear Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow LOVE, where there is injury, PARDON, where there is doubt, FAITH, where there is despair, HOPE, where there is darkness, LIGHT and where there is sadness, JOY. Oh Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood, as to understand, to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned and it is in dying that we are born to ETERNAL LIFE. Amen
Dear Lord Jesus: This prayer is from my heart.I pray for peace in the world,in the hearts of each and every one of your children.Made in your likeness,we should imitate the Peace you left us.Put Love once again back into the heart of mankind.Let Charity be out watchword.Let Forgiveness be on our lips daily.Into this effort pour your sweet and abding love which will soothe our hearts and mend our disrupted lives.Amen.
Dearest Lord, I give you the Taliban. Change hearts. Bless our world. Bring us peace. Banish evil. I ask this through the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Our heavenly father, bless our world and rid it from evil. Fill our souls with Love, Faith and Hope. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
Lord, hear our prayers for all in this world who have been subjected to inhuman acts by others. We are all imperfect and ask for mercy and forgiveness. Help the least and grant strength to the weakest to overcome hate and bring love to all with understanding. Amen.
O Holy St. Jude please let my ex-wife decide to give our love another try, so we can be a family once again. St. Jude worker of miracles pray for us.
Heavenly father, i come before you through your son Jesus to please use our home as a place of refuge a place where all may come to feel loved, taken care, feed, a place where they may feel the presence of you Jesus. FIll our home with your Holy spirit and most of all fill mine and my family's heart and soul with your Holy Spirit. Keep us together, give us strenght to endour all. Use our mouths ears eyes and what ever you need Lord. Let us never do anything that would be an obsticle to our salvation. Bless us indeed oh Lord. enlarge our territories, put your hand on us. Keep evil away so that we do no harm to ourselves or others. I ask this in Jesus name.
For A CHILD Prayer to child's Guardian Angel O Angels of God, from heaven so bright, watching beside my children to lead them aright; Fold your wings round them, and guard them with love; Softly sing songs to them of heaven above. Amen
Lord, I pray for us all. Please hear and Answer me
Lord, Replace hate with love in the hearts of those who hurt and kill. Put love in the hearts of those with anger and vengeance. Lord, pray for us all.
Lord, make us instruments of YOUR peace! Amen!
PRAYER TO OBTAIN THE GRACE OF ALL WORLD'S MASSES FOR WORLD PEACE Eternal Father we humbly offer Thee our poor presence and that of the whole of humanity from the beginning to the end of the world at ALL the Masses that ever have or ever will be prayed. We offer Thee all the pains, suffering, prayers, sacrifices, joys and relaxations of our lives, in union with those of our dear Lord Jesus here on earth. May the Most Precious Blood of Christ, ALL His blood and wounds and agony save us, through the sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen! (This prayer should be prayed daily, and MADE KNOWN.)
Heavenly Father, in the light of the tragedy of the terrorsits attack in the U.S. today, help these blatent acts of violence against humanity to be replaced a hundred fold by countless acts of charity and love. I lift up all those souls who have parished and their families and loved ones to your care today. Amen
Dear god, please help our country and those who have suffered in the terrible tragedy.
Dear Jesus and Mother Mary, please help USA and all those who have suffered in the attacks today.
Dear God, please help those who are in need because of this terrible tragedy called terrorism. Those who have passed, their families, friends, all who touched their lives, need your support and comfort. May the terrosists know you will prevail over this evil task. We rely on your strengh to help all of us through this ordeal. I will continue to pray and hope all who do, will have their prayers answered. AMEN
The devastation of the innocent people at the hands of terrorism is horriffic! Please, pray for these people and their families. This is in enormous proportions, tragedy. I have a sick feeling,this morning. I pray for the strength of God to prevail over such evil. To the rest of us, peace!
Please pray for peace for our Country and for the people who have lost loved ones in the terrorist tradgedy today. Please pray for God's mercy on us all!
Give peace, Lord, to those who wait for you.