Yenra : Medical : Catheter : Computational flow modeling used to design split fixed tip that reduces occlusion, minimizes recirculation, and simplifies insertion


Spire introduced its new ALTA LR fixed-tip catheter, a fixed-tip chronic hemodialysis catheter used for treatment of patients with end stage renal disease, or kidney failure. The catheter has a unique tip profile that provides advantages of a split-tip catheter in an easy-to-insert fixed-tip design. The catheter was designed using advanced computational flow modeling and combines very low recirculation with maximum flow rates to improve fixed-tip catheter performance. The ALTA LR catheter received FDA approval earlier this year.

Mark Little of Spire commented on the meeting and product release, "The ALTA LR catheter extends our chronic hemodialysis catheter line. We currently have several high-performance split-tip catheters in our line offering various configurations, materials, and methods of insertion. With the addition of the high-performance fixed-tip ALTA LR, Spire now offers a product in every major segment of the chronic dialysis catheter market."

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