Yenra : Shopping : Outdoor Card Payment : Multi-lane technology near restaurant menu board or pharmacy pickup speeds checkout and increases security

Card Payment

Shorter lines and faster service are coming to quick service restaurant drive-thrus, drive-up pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores and smaller retail check-out lines nationwide thanks to global payment technology leader Hypercom Corporation's fast, easy-use card payment technology.

Quick service restaurant and pharmacy owners will test-drive Hypercom's newest outdoor card payment technology. That technology, embedded in or beside the restaurant's outdoor menu board or pharmacy's drive-up window, delivers new levels of speed, convenience and security for the ever-growing number of consumers who want to pay for their purchases with a credit or debit card from the comfort of their car. In addition, studies show that when quick service restaurant customers are allowed to pay with a credit card, the average transaction is 20% - 30% greater than when they can only pay with cash.

Large casual restaurant operators will be getting a hands-on demonstration of Hypercom's sleek, compact, high speed and high performance Optimum L4100 card payment terminal that packs a powerful Intel processor based on Intel XScale technology to deliver unprecedented multi-application performance and speed. Hypercom's Optimum L4100 helps larger retailers boost services, revenues and profits, bringing to the check-out lane a powerful combination of credit/debit card authorization and value-added services such as electronic signature capture, gift cards, cash and promotion/loyalty cards, prepaid, age and/or ID verification, payroll or government check cashing and more -- faster than ever before.

"Consumers and merchants want speed, superior service, security and value -- especially in today's fast-paced environment. This innovative technology helps merchants deliver all of that and more, providing faster service for consumers and more revenues and profits for merchants," said O.B. Rawls IV, president, Hypercom North America. "Innovative, intelligently-integrated fast and easy-use payment technology is the key, and that is exactly what Hypercom delivers . . . inside the store, and outdoors at the drive-thru or drive-up."

"Card payment technology for today's competitive business environment must deliver nothing less than high-speed precision instruments packed with power, high security and flexibility that help retailers speed the check-out line and boost the profit line. That is exactly what Hypercom is delivering, above and beyond all would-be competitors," said Eric Duprat of Hypercom.

Hypercom delivers comprehensive card payment terminal, network access device, server and transaction networking solutions that help merchants and financial institutions generate revenues and increased profits.