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Car TV

Digital television is now available for vehicle applications from Visteon.

Visteon's DigiTune DVB-M1 digital television gives passengers the benefits of interactive viewing while on the move. The terrestrial digital video broadcast technology offers a wide variety of channels and clear, sharp digital picture quality. The digital TV tuner adds TV reception to in-car infotainment options and is fully compatible with Visteon's overhead entertainment systems.

The high quality TV receiver is suited for the aftermarket as it can be easily retrofitted. For the first live trial with digital TV in German cars, Visteon equipped a test vehicle with DigiTune DVB-M1 and its overhead system, OH-7000. During the test drive near Cologne, all 21 channels currently available were received with optimum picture and sound quality in a wide range of driving situations.

"An important aspect of mobile DVB-T system with the OH-7000 is that the Visteon overhead system is mounted on the roofliner in the rear of the car, out of sight for the driver -- an important feature in ensuring the driver keeps their eyes on the road," stresses Hans Eric Destree, commercial director mobile electronics for Visteon Aftermarket Europe and South America. "We were careful to consider safety aspects in the design phase. The TV is operated via remote control using infrared headphones. This allows operation while wearing a seatbelt and eliminate needless wires within the vehicle. In addition, there's enhanced functionality because the display folds away when using the reverse gear."

Safety features are an important consideration in the design phase for carmakers and automotive suppliers. According to Dr. Frank Schierge, from the innovation, market and consumer research department at the renown TUV Technical Inspectorate, "Watching TV in the car is a completely new feature in the area of consumer electronics. We expect a quick and high acceptance rate, since TV plays an important role in our society. Traffic safety needs to be a key focus for the auto industry when developing in-car entertainment systems. The driver should not be able to see a TV or entertainment monitor or the monitor should automatically switch off when the car starts so as not to distract the driver."

Another aspect that contributes to driving safety is high user friendliness. "Care should be taken to ensure that the operation of the system is not unnecessarily complicated -- so as to prevent a wave of discussion on the subject of driving safety -- as has been the case, for example, with several navigation systems," says Johann Nowicki, Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. specialist, consumer protection electronics systems. "During a trip it should be easy to program an audio, video or navigation system with simple pushbutton operation. It becomes problematic if a button has to be pressed twice and if three presses are required, it can be considered a distraction for the driver."

Visteon has extensive know-how in system integration and is one of the leaders in design, development and supply of in-car entertainment systems, audio systems and vehicle electronics such as instrument clusters and voice technology. As a result, Visteon can ensure that the new DigiTune DVB-M1 system is professionally suited to user requirements and can be installed in practically every vehicle -- whether car, truck or coach. The system is a real plug-and-play solution and enables trouble-free upgrading of existing analog TV in-car entertainment systems as well as easy and safe use during the trip.

The key features and benefits of Visteon DigiTune DVB-M1 are:

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