Yenra : California Recall : California Recall Poll : 70% Prefer Arnold Schwarzenegger Over Governor Gray Davis; California Voters Favor Holding a Recall Election

55% of California voters stated they support the special election. Heightening the high-stakes drama, 70% of California voters stated they would vote for the Austrian-born movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, over Governor Gray Davis in a head-to-head race, according to an independent analysis conducted by Feedback Research, a division of The Gator Corporation.

Through an online survey polling a random sample of Gator's millions of California users on July 15, 2003, over 2,546 California registered voters responded to questions evaluating their awareness levels of the recall election, reasons for the recall, and, opinions on who should be the Golden State's next Governor.

"Conducting extensive consumer research for many of our 800 clients and Fortune 1000 advertisers to uncover marketing insights on consumer behavior is the specialty of Feedback Research," stated Scott Eagle, Chief Marketing Officer of Feedback Research and The Gator Corporation. "The California recall election issue provided us an opportunity to creatively use our relationship and insights with millions of Internet users to gauge the public's reaction to this history-making event -- and we are delighted to showcase our capabilities in this way."

Some highlights of Feedback Research's survey indicate:

Hypothetical Recall Election Results: Arnold Schwarzenegger for "Governator"
As part of the survey, Feedback Research conducted a mock election pairing Arnold Schwarzenegger against potential candidates such as Gray Davis, Dianne Feinstein and generic Democratic candidates. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the favored vote getter in all match-ups. Results include:

(Please note that "Davis supporters" is defined as survey participants who voted for Gray Davis in the last California Governor election.)

Schwarzenegger vs. Davis:

Schwarzenegger vs. Feinstein:

Schwarzenegger vs. any Democrat:

When told of the results, George Gorton, Schwarzenegger's political adviser said, "I am delighted. This is the third poll we've seen where Arnold beats Feinstein and the latest in an unbroken string where he beats Davis. We are especially pleased with The Gator Corporation's findings because Internet users are more informed than the average voter, and therefore their opinions should closely approximate the opinions of the highly motivated voters who will show up in this low turn out special election."

California Voters Support a Recall Election
Of the 89% of respondents aware of the current recall election issue in California, 55% of respondents were in favor of a recall election. The survey also culled the following interesting information:

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