Yenra : California Recall : California Recall Green Party Candidate : Peter Camejo, Green Candidate for Governor in California's Recall of Gray Davis, Speaks at Green Party's National Meeting

Peter Miguel Camejo, whose name will be placed on the ballot for governor if the effort to recall California governor Gray Davis succeeds, will speak at a press conference about his Green campaign on Friday, July 18 at noon during the annual national meeting of the Green Party of the United States, to be held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Camejo, who ran for governor of California in 2002 on the Green Party ticket and received 5.3%, will be available for interview. The Friday press conference will also feature current Green officeholders.

In entering the controversial gubernatorial race -- the California Green Party will consider an endorsement of his candidacy at its September statewide meeting -- Camejo blames both Democrats and Republicans for California's economic crisis. "The budgetary disaster perpetuated by the Democratic Party reflects its policy of implementing the Republican platform, i.e. reducing taxes for the rich and cutting back social programs," said Camejo. "Under the Democrats, the poor pay a 57% higher tax rate than do the richest 1%. We must balance the California budget through a tax system in which the rich and corporations pay their fair share."

Camejo sees the recall as a unique opportunity to get the message to the public that the Green Party offers an alternative to the bipartisan corruption that has pervaded state government in California, from the influence of corporations like Enron over energy policy and pricing to Gov. Davis's well-known corrupt fundraising policies.

"The Democrats are engaging in a political 'suicide pact', by declaring that none of them will run, even though Davis is at record low approval ratings," said Camejo. "They appear to be seriously considering letting the Republicans take over the Governorship and take responsibility for the cutbacks. They are fully aware the polls indicate the recall will succeed."

"Our voice must be heard," asserted Camejo, who acknowledges that the recall was engineered by wealthy Republicans. "Some Democrats and a few Greens have suggested we should not run, and instead oppose the recall. To do so, in my opinion, only helps the Republicans. We say no to the Republican anti-democratic special election maneuver, as well as the Democratic Party betrayal of its social base. We favor holding the recall election in March 2004, not November 2003. In March, millions more will participate."

Camejo is also pushing for an invitation to televised debates, noting that 69% of Californians favor his inclusion, as well as the fact that polls currently give him percentages comparable to or better than many prospective Republican candidates. "If no Democrat enters the race, we have a chance to win," said Camejo.