Yenra : California Recall : California Governor Candidate List : Statewide Special Election Certified California Governor Candidate List

From 2003, the list below is of candidates who were officially certified by the state of California to be on the ballot. Included are the names, ballot designations, and parties of the candidates. For a picture of where the individual candidates stand on various issues, see the list of California Recall Candidates Websites

IRIS ADAM Business Analyst Natural Law
BROOKE ADAMS Business Executive Independent
ALEX-ST. JAMES Public Policy Strategist Republican
DOUGLAS ANDERSON Mortgage Broker Republican
ANGELYNE Entertainer Independent
MOHAMMAD ARIF Businessman Independent
BADI BADIOZAMANI Entrepreneur/Author/Executive Independent
VIK S. BAJWA Businessman/Father/Entrepreneur Democratic
JOHN W. BEARD Businessman Republican
ED BEYER Chief Operations Officer Republican
VIP BHOLA Attorney/Businessowner Republican
CHERYL BLY-CHESTER Businesswoman/Environmental Engineer Republican
AUDIE BOCK Educator/Small Businesswoman Democratic
JOEL BRITTON Retired Meatpacker Independent
ART BROWN Film Writer/Director Democratic
JOHN CHRISTOPHER BURTON Civil Rights Lawyer Independent
CRUZ M. BUSTAMANTE Lieutenant Governor Democratic
PETER MIGUEL CAMEJO Financial Investment Advisor Green
TODD CARSON Real Estate Developer Republican
WILLIAM "BILL" S. CHAMBERS Railroad Switchman/Brakeman Republican
MICHAEL CHELI Businessman Independent
D. (LOGAN DARROW) CLEMENTS Businessman Republican
GARY COLEMAN Actor Independent
MARY "MARY CAREY" COOK Adult Film Actress Independent
ROBERT CULLENBINE Retired Businessman Democratic
SCOTT DAVIS Business Owner Independent
ROBERT "BUTCH" DOLE Small Business Owner Republican
BOB LYNN EDWARDS Attorney Democratic
WARREN FARRELL Fathersí Issues Author Democratic
DAN FEINSTEIN No Ballot Designation Requested Democratic
LARRY FLYNT Publisher Democratic
GENE FORTE Executive Recruiter/Entrepreneur Republican
DIANA FOSS No Ballot Designation Requested Democratic
RONALD J. FRIEDMAN Physician Independent
LEO GALLAGHER Comedian Independent
GEROLD LEE GORMAN Engineer Democratic
RICH GOSSE Educator Republican
JAMES H. GREEN Firefighter Paramedic/Nurse Democratic
JACK LOYD GRISHAM Musician/Laborer Independent
GARRETT GRUENER High-Tech Entrepreneur Democratic
JOE GUZZARDI Teacher/Journalist Democratic
IVAN A. HALL Custom Denture Manufacturer Green
KEN HAMIDI State Tax Officer Libertarian
SARA ANN HANLON Businesswoman Independent
C. STEPHEN HENDERSON Teacher Independent
RALPH A. HERNANDEZ District Attorney Inspector Democratic
JOHN J. "JACK" HICKEY Healthcare District Director Libertarian
JIM HOFFMANN Teacher Republican
ARIANNA HUFFINGTON Author/Columnist/Mother Independent
S. ISSA Engineer Republican
MICHAEL JACKSON Satellite Project Manager Republican
TREK THUNDER KELLY Business Executive/Artist Independent
EDWARD "ED" KENNEDY Businessman/Educator Democratic
D.E. KESSINGER Paralegal/Property Manager Democratic
KELLY P. KIMBALL Business Executive Democratic
STEPHEN L. KNAPP Engineer Republican
ERIC KOREVAAR Scientist/Businessman Democratic
JERRY KUNZMAN Chief Executive Officer Independent
DICK LANE Educator Democratic
GARY LEONARD Photojournalist/Author Democratic
TODD RICHARD LEWIS Businessman Independent
FRANK A. MACALUSO, JR. Physician/Medical Doctor Democratic
PAUL "CHIP" MAILANDER Golf Professional Democratic
ROBERT C. MANNHEIM Retired Businessperson Democratic
BRUCE MARGOLIN Marijuana Legalization Attorney Democratic
PAUL MARIANO Attorney Democratic
GINO MARTORANA Restaurant Owner Republican
MIKE P. MCCARTHY Used Car Dealer Independent
BOB MCCLAIN Civil Engineer Independent
TOM MCCLINTOCK State Senator Republican
MIKE MCNEILLY Artist Republican
SCOTT A. MEDNICK Business Executive Democratic
CARL A. MEHR Businessman Republican
JONATHAN MILLER Small Business Owner Democratic
DARRYL L. MOBLEY Businessman/Entrepreneur Independent
JEFFREY L. MOCK Business Owner Republican
JOHN "JACK" MORTENSEN Contractor/Businessman Democratic
DORENE MUSILLI Parent/Educator/Businesswoman Republican
PAUL NAVE Businessman/Prizefighter/Father Democratic
ROBERT C. NEWMAN II Psychologist/Farmer Republican
LEONARD PADILLA Law School President Independent
RONALD JASON PALMIERI Gay Rights Attorney Democratic
GREGORY J. PAWLIK Realtor/Businessman Republican
HEATHER PETERS Mediator Republican
CHARLES "CHUCK" PINEDA, JR. State Hearing Officer Democratic
BILL PRADY Television Writer/Producer Democratic
DARIN PRICE University Chemistry Instructor Natural Law
BRYAN QUINN Businessman Republican
JEFF RAINFORTH Marketing Coodinator Independent
DANIEL C. "DANNY" RAMIREZ Businessman/Entrepreneur/Father Democratic
CHRISTOPHER RANKEN Planning Commissioner Democratic
REVA RENEE RENZ Small Business Owner Republican
DANIEL W. RICHARDS Businessman Republican
KEVIN RICHTER Information Technology Manager Republican
KURT E. "TACHIKAZE" RIGHTMYER Middleweight Sumo Wrestler Independent
NED ROSCOE Cigarette Retailer Libertarian
SHARON RUSHFORD Businesswoman Independent
GEORGY RUSSELL Software Engineer Democratic
JAMIE ROSEMARY SAFFORD Business Owner Republican
DAVID RONALD SAMS Businessman/Producer/Writer Republican
DARRIN H. SCHEIDLE Businessman/Entrepreneur Democratic
MIKE SCHMIER Attorney Democratic
GEORGE B. SCHWARTZMAN Businessman Independent
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Actor/Businessman Republican
RICHARD J. SIMMONS Attorney/Businessperson Independent
BILL SIMON Businessman Republican
B.E. SMITH Lecturer Independent
RANDALL D. SPRAGUE Discrimination Complaint Investigator Republican
CHRISTOPHER SPROUL Environmental Attorney Democratic
LAWRENCE STEVEN STRAUSS Lawyer/Businessperson/Student Democratic
TIM SYLVESTER Entrepreneur Democratic
A. LAVAR TAYLOR Tax Attorney Democratic
DIANE BEALL TEMPLIN Attorney/Realtor/Businesswoman American Independent
PATRICIA G. TILLEY Attorney Independent
BRIAN TRACY Businessman/Consultant Independent
WILLIAM TSANGARES Businessperson Republican
PETER V. UEBERROTH Businessman/Olympics Advisor Republican
MARC VALDEZ Air Pollution Scientist Democratic
JAMES M. VANDEVENTER, JR. Salesman/Businessman Republican
PAUL W. VANN Financial Planner Republican
BILL VAUGHN Structural Engineer Democratic
VAN VO Radio Producer/Businessman Republican
CHUCK WALKER Business Intelligence Analyst Republican
MAURICE WALKER Real Estate Appraiser Green
DANIEL WATTS College Student Green
C.T. WEBER Labor Official/Analyst Peace and Freedom
JIM WEIR Community College Teacher Democratic
LINGEL H. WINTERS Consumer Business Attorney Democratic
MICHAEL J. WOZNIAK Retired Police Officer Democratic
JON W. ZELLHOEFER Energy Consultant/Entrepreneur Republican