Yenra : Hardware : Cable Labels : Specialized logos, bar codes, and high quality text individually or in bundles using thermal transfer print technology

Cable Labels

Before you invest time and money in do-it-yourself cable labeling tools check with CXtec, the industry leader in copper and fiber cables for networking. With over 25 years experience in networking and technology equipment, CXtec has expanded its capabilities to provide customers superior quality cable labeling which can now include custom logos, bar coding and serialization.

"We can now create labels which contain logos, bar codes and high quality text, using thermal transfer print technology. In the past it was difficult to address the diverse needs and volume requirements of customers due to the constraints of the labeling products on the market. Today we can customize labels to meet customer's individual needs and turn them around in one-tenth the time," says Lisa Belodoff, Regional Director - Enterprise Cable Group at CXtec.

In addition to copper and fiber cables, CXtec can also wrap individual cables, or cable bundles with a diameter of 0.060" to 0.600" allowing them to provide customers additional savings and convenience.

CXtec provides computer networking and testing equipment, mainframe data center products, computer cables and connectors, and wiring systems.