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Integrating business operations to increase operational efficiencies


3Com selected Savvion's business process management system to help automate and integrate its business operations.

Savvion was selected from a number of vendors whose products were rigorously evaluated for their ability to integrate with 3Com's diverse systems environment and match 3Com's requirements for scalability, reliability, and ease of use.

"A primary objective for 3Com during fiscal year 2003 is streamlining and improving our operations as part of an enterprise-wide restructuring of our information services delivery model," said Ari Bose, CIO at 3Com. "In Savvion BusinessManager, we have found a flexible platform that lets us quickly optimize a broad range of business processes while gaining the critical visibility necessary for us to effectively manage change."

"3Com's IT leadership promises to continue as they expand use of Savvion's business process management platform to streamline their business operations, enhance their management's insight into company business processes, and improve time to market," said John Koenigs, Savvion President and CEO. "Savvion continues to be chosen by leading companies in today's highly competitive market, underscoring our unmatched capability for enabling customers to rapidly gain control over their processes and usher in new levels of operational efficiency."

Savvion solutions enable companies to optimize operations by automating and managing consistent, repeatable business processes. Savvion addresses the business technology imperative to establish an enterprise process architecture, a critical step to achieving true process improvement and management. At that point corporate process becomes a managed corporate asset. Savvion systems give managers unique real-time visibility into their ongoing business operations, not just with metrics and reports, but by also providing a framework that empowers companies to innovate while managing change.

Savvion provides business technology solutions that enable Global 1000 companies to achieve their strategic objectives through process automation, process management and process innovation.