Yenra : Radio : Boom Tube : Portable aluminum speakers with tubular design and twist-off satellite components for acoustically rich music

Boom Tube

The Virgin Electronics Boom Tube line of portable speakers are designed to produce acoustically excellent music any time, anywhere. The Virgin Boom Tube line features satellite speakers that conveniently twist off for great sound and true stereo separation, and twist back on for true portability. Designed to work with nearly any portable music source, the Virgin Boom Tube line of portable speakers transforms personal MP3 players, CD players, or even laptop computers into a portable party.

The Virgin Boom Tube product line includes two models. The $99 Virgin Boom Tube features ample two-inch aluminum speakers for great sound and weighs in at only two pounds. The supercharged Boom Tube ex has a sub woofer-like bass tube and more than 40 watts of total system power generated from rechargeable batteries at $199.

"Music is meant to be shared, and the new Virgin Boom Tube speakers allow consumers to share their music with volume and style never before seen in a portable speaker system," said Greg Woock, CEO of Virgin Electronics. "The Virgin Boom Tube ex speakers are so loud, we've included a set of our Virgin Atlantic earplugs -- for your neighbors."

Both products feature Maxx Bass technology to provide superior bass reproduction, but the 3.1 pound Virgin Boom Tube ex goes one step further by incorporating the patent-pending bass tube that includes two additional base speakers and a bass control. The lithium-ion rechargeable Virgin Boom Tube ex plays for approximately 10 hours on a single charge. The Virgin Boom Tube lasts approximately 20 hours on a set of four AA alkaline batteries.

The Boom Tube speakers make a perfect companion to the new Virgin Player 5GB, a sleek hard-drive-based digital audio player weighing in at just 3.1 ounces. The $249 Virgin Player, announced today in a separate release, features 25 percent more storage than the leading mini-sized player, plus has a built-in FM Tuner and dual headphone jacks.

Virgin is involved in planes, trains, mobile phones, soft drinks, music and more. Virgin Electronics is the electronics arm within the Virgin Group focused on creating world-class personal, portable, simple and connected digital products for consumers.