Yenra : Cars : BMW 6 Series Coupe : 45Ci Coupe makes its first appearance in the US

BMW 6 Series Coupe - Photo: BMW

The 645Ci Coupe will make its first appearance in the US at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. With the introduction of the all-new 6 Series Coupe, an icon is reborn. BMW is not just continuing the heritage of the legendary original 6 Series (1977-1989), it is launching the modern expression of this icon, while paying homage to the company's long tradition of luxury coupes.

The styling of the new 6 Series Coupe is bold, purposeful, dynamic and elegant all at once. Its unique design with sleek and flowing lines, all supplemented by the harmony of elegant surfaces, gives the new 6 Series its unique character. The 6 Series Coupe excels in its classic proportions - the car is long, low and wide. It projects an aura of strength and self-confidence. This striking new Coupe will retail for $69,995 including destination and handling.

The modern design language of the exterior continues smoothly and consistently throughout the interior. Similar to the new 5 Series, all the driving controls are located directly on or around the steering wheel. All comfort functions, in turn, are within easy reach from both front seats for convenience. The new 6 Series, again like the original, will not only be admired for its style but will also be recognized as a driver's car of the first order.

The 4.4-liter V8 engine, already well known from the BMW 745i, ensures optimal power and torque across the entire engine speed range. Featuring fully-variable VALVETRONIC valve control, the engine develops 325-horsepower and a powerful 330 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 rpm. This enables the new 6 Series Coupe to effortlessly reach its top speed of 149 mph (electronically limited). Acceleration is equally impressive, with the BMW 645Ci with manual transmission covering the sprint from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

To convey this refined power to the rear wheels, BMW offers driving enthusiasts the widest range of transmission choices-three different six-speed transmissions:

Consistent use of intelligent lightweight technologies makes a significant contribution to the outstanding driving comfort and high level of agility for which the new 6 Series Coupe will become well known. This class-leading agility is the result of the innovative combination of aluminum, steel and synthetic materials throughout the body. The front section of the car is significantly lighter than steel thanks to lightweight aluminum and composite construction. The targeted weight reduction continues throughout - the trunk lid is composite, the hood and doors are aluminum and the front fenders are thermoplastic. All this contributes to a curb weight of 3781 lb (manual transmission) with, of course, weight distribution close to the perfect ratio of 50:50. This consistent reduction of weight ensures not only performance befitting a sports car and exceptional agility, but it also contributes to an outstanding level of fuel economy (EPA estimates for 6-speed automatic: 18 mpg city, 26 mpg highway).

The lightweight all-aluminum suspension of the new 6 Series Coupe keeps unsprung weight to a minimum. Also working to the driver's advantage are myriad control systems such as Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) including Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). The 6 Series Coupe features BMW's Active Roll Stabilization, which almost completely eliminates body roll. Part of the Sport Package in the U.S. will be BMW's unique Active Steering, which electronically varies the degree to which the front wheels turn in relation to steering input from the driver. Driving Dynamic Control (DDC) is also offered as part of the Sport Package. First seen on the Z4 roadster, this feature gives the engine an even more spontaneous reaction to the gas pedal, influences steering in relation to road speed, allows the automatic or SMG transmission to hold gears longer, and provides faster SMG shifts - all at the touch of a "Sport" button.

In addition to all the safety features characteristic of a BMW, the new 6 Series Coupe utilizes run-flat tires, allowing the driver to continue for a certain distance even when a tire is completely flat. Adaptive Headlights, which enhance visibility, illumination, and improve the driver's field of nighttime vision, are also available as an option.

The standard power tilting glass panorama moonroof gives the interior an even more spacious and brighter feel, especially since the panorama roof is much larger than a conventional moonroof. It offers a vent feature and an electric sliding interior shade.

The Head-Up Display (HUD), available as an option for the new BMW 6 Series at a later date, displays useful information directly in front of the driver. Designed to provide optimum clarity, BMWs HUD allows the driver to concentrate on the road ahead at all times by presenting relevant information directly in the driver's line of vision, on the windshield. Active Cruise Control (ACC), which senses the speed of vehicles traveling ahead, and adjusts the BMW's speed to maintain a safe following distance, is also available. Last but certainly not least, the optional Logic7 audio system with Digital Sound Processing (DSP) gives the car's occupants a level of audio quality previously only offered by high-end home entertainment systems.

In terms of spaciousness, the new BMW 6 Series measures 190.2" in length, 73.0" in width and just 54.1" in height to offer ample interior space that is quite remarkable for a sports car. As a 2+2-seater, the BMW 6 Series gives rear seat passengers ample freedom of movement, and the large luggage compartment offers space comparable to many sedans.